5 Best Favor Bags For Any Occasion

5 Best Favor Bags For Any Occasion #party #partytime #celebrate #celebration #birthdays #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
5 Best Favor Bags For Any Occasion #party #partytime #celebrate #celebration #birthdays #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

For the perfect ending to a fabulous event, it is a tradition that guests are sent home with a reminder of the happy occasion. During the planning of these events, much thought goes into choosing a special favor to delight guests, and it is just as important to consider the packaging of the chosen favor. Although everyone wants their guests to enjoy the favor and no one wants to appear cheap, the cost is a consideration, especially since some events have a huge number of guests. One solution is to let the packaging itself be part of the gift, as is the case when certain types of bags are used. Following are five of the best bags for favors that are sure to please guests.

1 – Burlap/Jute Tote Bag

Burlap is a wildly popular bag choice for many reasons. The bags are environmentally friendly, are reusable, and organic, and will be well received by guests. Burlap tote bags are available in a variety of sizes, so it is easy to choose a size that best fits the occasion. The bags are available in many stores and online. When ordering, keep in mind that gift bags bulk prices usually reflect the best deals as you get more bags for your money.

2– Organza Bags

Commonly used in wedding favor bags, organza bags usually close with drawstrings. The choice of organza adds a little elegance for more formal occasions. The bags can be dressed up with ribbons or other accessories to become even more festive.

3 – Drawstring Pouch Bags

Favor bags with drawstrings are great because they allow the contents to be concealed in a fun way. The bags can be reused by guests in various ways after favors have been removed. Pouch bags are an option for most occasions. To make this option even more affordable, many people choose the fabric and make their own drawstring bags.

4 – Clear or Colored Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a little sturdier than paper but still, offer a cost-efficient option. Clear plastic allows the favor to be seen, yet still keeps everything nicely contained. Many bags will come with handles making them easier to carry and can be exposed to wet conditions without falling apart. So, if the weather is a concern, plastic is a good choice.

 5 – Paper Bags

Depending on the occasion, paper bags provide a relatively inexpensive solution to favor packaging. One advantage of paper is the wide color and design choice and the ease of adding decoration to fit any theme. Paper can also be recycled if guests desire. Paper bags work well for kid’s parties but offer an economic choice for other occasions as well. Seeking out gift bags bulk buying can make paper favor bags an excellent choice.

Regardless of the ultimate choice, favors complete the celebration, and taking some time to choose the perfect bag for packaging ensures guests leave with a thoughtful, carefully chosen reminder of the day.


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