8 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing Golf #golf #golfing

While it may not require the exact same physical endurance of running marathons, golf isn’t really an easy sport to master, whether we’re talking about technique or physical requirements. Another aspect that’s unique for golf is how strategic it can be, pushing players to exercise their mental capacity and critical thinking. The health benefits of playing golf range from physical to psyche-related, so we’ll be mentioning the most important eight benefits we believe playing golf provides. (Image Credit: Courtney Cook/Unsplash)

Strengthening the Upper Body

Golf clubs have a wide range of weight, depending on the type of shot and distance you’re planning to cover. The more you practice your swings, the stronger your upper body will become. As mentioned on https://theleftrough.com/best-driving-iron/, tee shots are usually done by a driving iron, which requires a lot of speed and strength to land right. Swinging with these golf clubs will noticeable improve and tone your arms and chest.

Heart Stimulation

One of the best benefits that even seniors can take advantage of is how easy it is for golf to stimulate your heart without overworking your body. Walking around a few miles, swinging countless shots, and carrying a bag in a golf game is enough to keep your heart pumping as if you’re running or lifting weights. Keeping your heart healthy is one of the most important physical factors you can get out of any sport, especially when the sport is suited for a broad range of ages.

Social Health

There is a good reason that golf goes smoothly with professional and bonding sessions. Aside from being physically healthy, golf provides an opportunity for people to get social and allow people to bond. There is still a lot of golf competition, but the game’s pace allows people to engage in conversation and feel leisurely while playing against each other.

Weight Loss

Like with any physical activity, golf is a great weight burner thanks to the effort involved in the average course. An 18-hole round is enough to burn calories because you’ll be walking for more than 10,000 steps. Those who want to get the most out of it truly tend to avoid getting in a golf cart. Instead, they’ll walk to their next shot while breathing in the beautiful scenery. On average, a golf player can burn more than 2,500 calories during 18-hole round games.

Stress Reduction

Even though a lot of sports reduce stress, golf combines different aspects that make its effect even more unique on players. You’ll notice the difference that a wide and green field can make on your psyche. Reaching the golf course alone is going to put you in a better mood, relieving you of the stressful burdens of your usual day. Adding in the social effects, physical exercise, and healthy competition creates a recipe that makes golf one of the best stress-relieving sports you can do.

Low Risk

Even though there is no such thing as a sport without the risk of injury, golf is one of the few sports that aren’t really common in sports. Since you won’t be putting too much load on a single body part for an increased duration, you won’t really have to overwork yourself for any reason because golf is a game that allows players to play at their own pace, focusing at the goal itself more than the physical effort spent to reach it. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect any injuries because practicing swings can still take a toll on you if you aren’t careful.

Enjoying Nature

Even those who don’t enjoy golfing regularly still get to enjoy basking in the glory of the sun on a 200-acre field. Since the game usually requires you to stay outdoors during the day, this kind of environment will help you relax and reduce your anxiety. You’ll also be getting a very healthy dose of vitamin D that will help your body strengthen your bones while reducing the probability of succumbing to mental and physical conditions.

Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the most important coordination skills that people use in their daily life is hand-eye coordination. Golf is an activity that requires uniting visual and motor skills, which can improve the overall mastering of these skills over time. You’ll have to be quite perceptive of how the ball reacts to each of your swings when you get the best golf practice nets.

Golf is one of the sports that a lot of people have many misconceptions about. Since the sport is popular as social networking activity, it’s often summarized to that extent by a lot of people who have never tried it. But as golf got more popular, its physical and mental merits as a sport became more apparent thanks to the discoveries of research and sport science.

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