8 Effective Marketing Tips to Drive Sales

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If your business is struggling to generate sales and increase revenue, chances are you’re not doing enough marketing. And if you are, you’re probably doing it wrong. 

You need to first understand the basics of marketing, the platforms, the target audience, and the best way to reach them. There are advertising and marketing media and platforms that are best for certain product types. 

For example, skincare product advertisements will do well on a video platform, particularly if the video features before and after images showing how that product helped the consumer solve their skin problem. 

If you take that same advertising material and post it on LinkedIn, chances are you won’t get as many sales as you would on Youtube. This is why you still need to do the groundwork. Before you start or run an ad campaign, figure out the following:

  • Who is my ideal customer –what’s their age, income, marital status, state of residence, etc.?
  • What advertising method is best?
  • Which media or platform is bound to produce the best results?
  • What ad materials or formats will provide the best outcomes –video, texts, images?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask and have an answer to first. When you do, then you can try some of the marketing tactics we’ll be discussing here. 

Do Some Paid Search Advertising

There are multiple online advertising options including Google ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, and even Amazon Ads platform –the latter is for eCommerce brands. Paying for ads on these platforms often involves the use of metrics like clicks, reach, impressions and actions. 

If your ads have the right copy, compelling landing pages, are properly targeted, and the right offer, you could be swimming in boatloads of cash. Done correctly, paid search advertising has a 200 percent ROI –that’s $2 returns for every $1 spent. So if you’re not taking advantage of pay-per-click advertising, you should start right away.  

Optimize Your Website for Higher Search Rankings

This is search engine optimization (SEO). It’s simply the process of getting your website to the top positions on the search engines for all your targeted keywords. 

Search engine optimization is a complex marketing strategy that can help you generate free website traffic with tons of buyers who want your products or services. To launch a successful SEO campaign, you’ll need to do on-page optimization on your website and build high-quality backlinks to increase your search engine visibility.

Some components of your on-page optimization include creating content, optimizing the website’s headers, page speed, optimized texts, and much more. In fact, Google has 200+ ranking signals that it uses to analyze the quality of a website and assign it the right position on its search engine. 

If you can meet some of the top priority signals, your website can get pushed to the top of the search engines. 

Pay Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Brand

More popularly known as influencer marketing, you can pay social media influencers with decent to huge followership to promote your products or services. It can be a one-time thing or a continuous arrangement. If you’re testing the waters here, make sure to start small. 

Find influencers with your ideal or target audience and pay them for just a shout-out or a recommendation, and see how they perform. The influencers you want to do long-term business with are those with a responsive audience and from whom you can clearly see good returns. 

A good way to track this is to give them a specialized link so that you can track the number of visitors that they generate for you, as well as, the sales and revenue. Just remember that followership doesn’t mean anything. 

What matters more is engagement between them and their audience. An influencer with just 20k followers and gets 3-5k likes, comments, retweets, reposts, or shares is better than one with 100k followers who gets just 200 likes, shares, or comments on each post. 

Create an Irresistible Free Resource for Your Email Marketing Campaign

When people visit your website, do you have a way to collect their emails or contacts? If you don’t, you need to set that up right away. No matter what you do online, if you’re not building a list, you’re wasting time and money. 

Smart marketers know this, which is why they’ll do everything possible to get their visitors to opt in to an offer on their website. The easiest way to do this is to create a free high-value resource that they need. But for them to get it, they’ll need to opt into your email list and verify that their email address is real. 

Having your own email list opens you up to new levels of financial freedom because instead of spending money on advertising, you can now email your subscribers directly with offers and generate some revenue on demand. 

Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage

If you’re not using video as part of your marketing arsenal, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. Youtube is currently the world’s second-biggest search engine. In fact, many people skip Google and go straight to Youtube to look for a solution to a pressing problem. 

You can either market organically by posting videos and gradually growing your subscriber base, or just run Youtube Ads. These ads are placed on videos with a lot of views and engagement. 

But your video marketing isn’t just limited to Youtube. There’s also Instagram and Facebook video ads. Tiktok also has great video promotion results if you know how to do it right. What most people do on Tiktok is engage popular creators to promote or give their products and/or services a shout-out. 

Others simply record videos of themselves using their products or doing their jobs and then leave their contact details so that you can call them and hire their services. A good example of this is Miles aka thepoolguy who records and shoots videos of himself cleaning people’s pools and transforming them. Courtesy of these videos on Tiktok, he has grown his pool cleaning business to six figures a year in revenue.

Promoting your offers using videos can generate a ton of sales for you if you do it right. Whatever you do, incorporate video marketing into your marketing campaign.     

Publish Lots of Content

Also known as content marketing, this involves steadily creating content designed to increase your search engine rankings, generate and maintain followership, build your brand, and ultimately drive sales. This is an organic marketing strategy that’s known to generate more leads for every dollar spent on creating the content. 

Some of the content you should create are articles, blog posts, videos, industry roundups, whitepapers, and infographics. Content marketing is supremely effective for creating product awareness and eventually convincing consumers to buy your products or hire your services. 

But you’ve got to do it right. This means approaching content marketing from the perspective of thought leadership and authority. The best content marketing campaigns are those that are focused on creating the best and most comprehensive topics on a subject matter. 

Fluff pieces don’t work anymore as the search engines actively discourage them. You have to deliver excellent value with your content at all times. This is how you can win the content marketing game. 

The best part of this is the set-and-forget nature of good content marketing, if you create enough evergreen pieces, you may never need to write one more word of content if you don’t want to as the content will continue to generate traffic, drive sales and grow your revenue.   

Optimize Your Website for Higher Conversions

Driving traffic to your website is merely a part of the equation. When your visitors get to your website, what do they do? You’ll need to build and configure your website in such a manner that visitors are compelled to take the action you want them to take. 

Start by optimizing your CTAs, your website copy, your colors, and your messaging. Install and set up AI-powered chatbots on your website so that you can easily take care of customer inquiries. 

If you want to find out more about AI and chatbots, just look it up. Chatbots are like customer service reps on steroids. They’ll handle all inquiries and only send the most important ones to you. Chatbots are super-effective at increasing your website’s conversion rates if you do it correctly. 

Then, check your website design and ensure there are no distractions on your website. Pay attention to things like page load speed, navigation –visitors should be able to find what they need on your website in 3 clicks or less– ease of use and content placement. 

Sponsor Podcast Episodes

Another great way to drive a ton of traffic to your website is by sponsoring popular podcast episodes. Popular podcasts often have hundreds of thousands of subscribers listening live, and then many more afterward. So, it can give you a ton of good PR. 

Find popular podcasts in your industry and see if you can sponsor one or more of their episodes. If you do this well, you’ll find that every time you sponsor an episode, you’ll likely generate a ton of traffic that you can convert. 

We recommend though that you configure your website so that when these visitors arrive, they’ll hit a landing page that’s designed to get them on your list so you can stay in touch with them directly from that point onward. 

Martin Maina
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