7 Ways to Tell That You Are Wearing the Wrong Sneakers 

7 Ways to Tell That You Are Wearing the Wrong Sneakers  #sneakers #wrong sneakers

Anyone wearing the wrong type of sneakers can tell with how their feet feel after wearing the shoe for some time. Is it possible that the sneakers you are wearing are causing injuries to your feet? Yes, if the sneakers you have on are the wrong fit for you and do not support the style of your feet. Many injuries of your ankles and feet are easily traced back to ill-fitting shoes. However, now there are many model options of sneakers to choose from, and you can get a shoe that suits you and for the appropriate activity. Plus, various manufacturers change in functionality and form to ensure the users can get what they need. So how do you know that you are wearing the wrong sneakers? Below are some ways that will help you tell if you are wearing the wrong sneakers. (Image Credit: Fachry Zella Devandra/Unsplash)

  1. Blisters 

Are you prone to blisters? If you are, then you are not alone. This is a common issue by most of the people who participate in a marathon. There are many ways to prevent blisters, but one sure way is to invest in a shoe brand designed to offer superior comfort. A high-quality signature model usually uses cushioning technology to keep feet comfortable and dry while walking or running. The breathable nature of these shoes also helps reduce moisture, which can make the skin vulnerable to blistering. What do you think could be the issue? Blisters can pop up because of wearing the wrong type of sneaker that rubs you the wrong way. More so, if you wear it with no socks on. However, the wrong shoe and sock combination can be the reason you are getting the blisters too. Plus, sometimes they can pop up because of the type of socks you are wearing. So, when you buy your new Adidas Yeezys sneaker, get the proper size for you. Plus, any other sneaker, you need not break in a pair as they should feel fit and be comfortable out of the box to help in any blister issues.

  1. Stress fractures 

Although this type of injury is common with minimalist sneakers. Anyone can experience these tiny bone breaks if the type of sneaker you have on is the wrong one for you. Hence, it is important to know the type of sneaker that fits your feet. Because some people are forefoot strikers, and others are heel strikers. So, when you buy the wrong sneaker, you may end up experiencing stress fractures. Therefore, if you land on your heel first, you may have to look for other sneakers that are not minimalist sneakers as they do not offer enough cushion to absorb shock. Thus, if you are among the people that strike heel first, it is safer to go for more conventional sneakers.

  1. Toenail loss and blackening

When you feel there’s is too much pressure on your toes, the entire shoe or the toe box may be too small for you. Therefore, the sneaker you are wearing is the wrong one for you. Since it can easily cause loss of the nail, and also blackening of the nail. To avoid such an issue, ensure you leave a thumbs width of space when you are buying your sneaker between the tip of your longest toe and the front of the shoe. Besides, you can opt to size up depending on the activity you need for the shoe. For instance, you could be wearing an 8 to work and an 81/2 for long runs.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. Also, heel pain is the most common reason people visit a podiatrist. So when you wear the wrong type of shoes, and you are using them for an activity like running. It is a typical cause of plantar fasciitis. Therefore, when you experience this condition, get a treatment plan for it. Then you can get a proper sneaker that fits you well. Ask your podiatrist to check your gait, and also advise you on the best sneaker that will provide you with the support that you need. So through this, you will get a sneaker that prevents any heel pain and can improve performance.

  1. Hot foot 

Through experiencing a hot foot, you can know that you are wearing the wrong type of sneakers. For instance, if you are wearing cycling sneakers, the stiff-soled sneakers can make you experience a hot foot. The continuous pressure at the ball of the foot will cause any irritation on your nerve. As a result, it will cause you to experience a burning feel near your toes. The right type of sneaker is one that eases into the length of your outdoor rides or spin sessions. Plus, buy a cycling shoe that is has a cushioned foot bed. Also, to ensure that you get some wiggle room, keep the straps that are near your toes a bit lose than the others.

  1. Tendonitis 

If you are wearing the wrong sneaker. In some cases, it can cause inflamed tendons in some places of your foot. However, they are common on the outer edge of the foot and inside the ankle. The inflamed tendons on the inside of the ankle area are due to the foot rolling inward. So a proper sneaker is one that has the proper structure. While those who experience an inflamed tendon on the outer edge of the foot is because of an arch that gives too much support. If you experience these achy tendons, enquire from your podiatrist the best shoe for your workout routine as you plan to ease back to it safely.

  1. Uneven wear 

By the time your sneaker is having uneven wear. This shows that you need to replace it and it is not as fit for your workout routine. Also, it is advised that you replace your shoe after every 400 to 500 miles. Nonetheless, if you compare your right shoe to your left shoe and notice that there is asymmetry. It is best to get orthotics or custom insoles to ensure that you give balance to the body when wearing these sneakers. Also, get several pairs of sneakers for your activity to avoid one wearing out quickly or replace one once it is at maximum mileage.

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