7 Ways To Make Your Business Tech-Savvy

When you own a business, your ultimate aim may be to appeal to as many target markets as possible. You also aim to earn income or record-high revenue. In the 21st century, however, your focus should also include the ability to effectively and efficiently utilize relevant technology for productive purposes. Without it, your business may just exist without reaching its full potential. Here are seven smart ways to defy the odds. (Image Credit: StartupStockPhotos/Pixabay)

1.  Identify specific tools relevant to your business

The ability to properly identify what you need for your business is a problem half-solved. What is peculiar to your kind of business is the Launchpad needed to catapult it from the unknown to the known. Perhaps, you are a movie producer shooting a film which requires many aerial shots. It would be absolutely unprofessional and impossible to shoot all those scenes with a stationary camera, from a high-rise building. The tool needed to capture the mood intended for such scenes would be a fully-functional drone. This is one piece of technology designed to make your work easier. At DrDrone.ca you will find the variety needed and that essential piece fit for purpose. Very often, there is a misconception that investing in modern technology is bound to rip a hole in a budget. This is not entirely true. On the contrary, it opens even more opportunities to identify and cut back on inefficient processes that you may be engaged in. Admittedly, there is some cost involved but that would be insignificant compared to what you may lose when a competitor claims your market.

2.  Wireless and digital is the way to go

Being able to offer Wi-Fi for your customers and employees can enhance loyalty, dedication to duty, and in effect, rate your business as tech-savvy. Providing wireless or digital service for your business should absolutely be incorporated into the cost of operation. Quite often, some start-up business owners consider the digital route a burden. They would rather opt solely for the traditional in-person (physical) service because it is easier. However, there is a surer and even more convenient way to do business. By going digital, the business has the advantage of a wider reach, as more customers (even from other geographic regions) visit your platform at their convenience and yours.

The issue of closing time may not be a problem on a digital platform, as it would have been if the in-person or physical route was the only way. Your business would still interact with customers from different time zones when they leave messages via email or other social platforms you make available. It is common to notice during interaction with others, or even in a meeting, people record notes in books or on yellow sticker pads. A better and more tech-savvy way to do this is by using Evernote. Users have the luxury of sharing notes, projects, to-do lists, websites, and a plethora of activities. There is no need to worry about disappointing a client because you lost that worn-out notepad. Go wireless, go digital.

3.  Upgrade cybersecurity

Tracking the digital environment cannot be eliminated from the list of smart things to do while the business remains tech-savvy. As thieves exist in the real world, so are there more sophisticated thieves who roam virtual corridors. It would be a grave error to think your business could not be a target. For a cyber-criminal, it is fertile ground for credit card fraud or identity theft. To mitigate this vice, it is a high priority to research widely-accepted best practices and get better IT security as you operate. Cybercrime statistics continue to escalate and it cannot be out of place being too careful in your mission to protect your business. Many businesses have suffered dire consequences of cybercrime. Some never recovered from financial loss, data loss, and brand damage. Others had to restart from scratch.

4.  Automate tasks which require little to no human intervention

Sometimes, the purpose of multitasking is a disguised blessing. It saves a lot of time doing different things at the same time. However, what about the option of automating ordinary tasks? Every business makes a conscious effort to derive the most out of available resources while reducing general operational costs. Would you rather endure the cost involved in managing a small team every month, when technology could do that for you with almost non-existent error? Mundane tasks such as on-site orientation for new employees could be a thing of the past. A better way could be a detailed, pre-recorded orientation video for new staff. This automation system could be used to send introductory/congratulatory emails to new staff.

This way, there may not be the need to dedicate time off an already busy schedule, to perform repetitive tasks. Another mundane task that could be automated is tracking your business’ website traffic. It is practically pointless dedicating an already limited time, viewing who or how many people are on your site daily. Google Analytics is an extremely efficient tool to use. All you need to do is to set your preferences using this Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a report could be emailed to you weekly. Just in case your business has an IT department, their workload is eased by the click of a button.

5.  Employ the right team for business

Finding the right set of people to work with is a must. This simply means, recruiting employees who fit into the business culture, are excellent with technology and possess the right mix of talent. Without the right kind of employee who understands what is desired in the given setting, the business will suffer. As an employer, you need to know that the people you employ have the power to make or break you. Hire go-getters who get the job done and not just individuals who have great ideas. No idea on its own ever generated revenue. In the same vein, make the conscious effort to hire individuals who understand the concept of customer service.

Relating to the customer should never be the preserve of one department. It must be a collaborative effort. Employees must believe in the brand and be willing to improve it and themselves. This translates into a generally improved business outlook. Very often, potential employees research about companies, before a job application. For a better outlook, ensure solid profiles on social media platforms and let your brand lead the way.

6.  Build and stick to a superior maintenance culture

This may sound weird especially in reference to how that makes a business tech-inclined. But consider this. How can a business carve a niche for itself if all physical tools/gadgets/instruments are faulty or not up-to-date? How does a business remain in operation if the software used is not constantly upgraded as required? A business’s maintenance culture reveals a lot about it. A strict maintenance culture means the business and customer are valued. A poor culture ultimately means revenue loss and tarnished brand image. So, back up data for all business transactions. That way, in the event of theft or hardware crash, data can always be recovered. Market competition in the modern age is nothing to play with. The customer needs to be assured that the entity being dealt with is a reliable one.  A moment of carelessness could cost a fortune.

7.  Never give up learning new things

Society is dynamic and it is relevant to keep up with the times. There is something to learn every day and so being curious and hungry for new knowledge should be the life-jacket for all businesses. As a business entity, the growth curve can only be achieved by learning and so try not to allow complacency to set in.

Take advantage of technology to create a credible business. After all, it is better to be known as the business which reaps great revenue, cherishes customers, and remains tech-savvy.

Martin Maina
Martin Maina is a professional writer and blogger who uses his expertise, skills, and personal experience in digital marketing to craft content that resonates with audiences. Deep down, he believes that if you cannot do great things, then you can do small things in a great way. To learn more, you can connect with him online.
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