7 Useful Tips for Shoe Buyers with Wide Feet

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People with wide feet always have difficulties getting the right shoes since most shoes are made with a standard width, determined by the length. Buying shoes is just like buying any cloth. You have to look at its length, width, and if it fits comfortably in your legs. To solve the problem of having a wide foot, most people buy larger sizes to get the right width.

But is it necessary? Well, it’s not since not all shoes are the same. There are perfect shoes for individuals with wide feet. Here are some useful tips to get shoes that can fit your wide feet.

1.  Have Your Feet Measured

Before picking any shoes, have your foot measured. In most shoe retails shops, especially those that have been in business for a long time, they have measuring gear where you can place your foot and have it measured. Through these measurements, the attendants can show you the right type of shoes that exactly fit your legs. Most brands always make shoes depending on your leg’s size and width, and it’s possible to find the right size according to your feet’ length and width. The attendants can even suggest to you the best brand, with customized lengths and widths.

2.  Get Shoes with Removable Linings and Inner Soles

If you prefer some types of shoes and can’t find the size that fits the wide feet, you can pick the regular shoes with removable inner soles and linings. By removing these linings and innersoles, you can create more space on the width to fit your feet. Most reliable brands have this option. Ensure that the shoes have been designed with removable soles and lining. Never force them out since you will be damaging the shoe. You can effortlessly do away with the removable items and get the right size for your feet.

3.  Check on the Material

When buying shoes, ensure its material is soft and stretchable to fit the wide feet. With stretchable shoes, your feet can fit easily and comfortably. You won’t have any issues while walking or when removing the shoes. According to reviews from the best basketball shoes for wide feet, most sports shoes fall under this category, and they fit all types of feet. Non-flexible ones might create issues and damage to the players since they stick to their shape. However, you also need to check on the stretching pattern of the shoes. Overly stretched shoes may fail to fit or support your feet after several uses.

4.  The appearance of the Inner Sole

The innersole appearance matters a lot to individuals with wider feet. You will know the right shoes by looking at the traction pattern. The traction pattern should be larger than the regular shoes to enable it to accommodate wider feet. In recent years, most companies have considered this, and you can check on the leading sportswear brands for this feature. If you aren’t sure about the inner sole, you can inquire from the seller or compare the different types of shoes obtainable on the stall to get the right size for your feet. You can also check reviews online for the best shoes depending on what you are looking for.

5.  Avoid Slip-on

Most people with wide feet always prefer wearing slip-on since they find them to be comfortable. Well, wearing slip-on has two disadvantages for individuals with wider feet. The first one is that the feet will tend to move to the front on the toes and sideways while walking, destroying the shoe. The second disadvantage is that the feet won’t be restricted. It will keep on growing wider, making it difficult for you to wear regular shoes. You should always resist the open shoes and stick to the closed shoes with laces for maximum grip and tame your leg.

6.  Choose Shoes with Laces

Nowadays, many shoe companies manufacture two types of shoes: Those with laces and those without laces. If you have wide feet, it’s advised to choose shoes with laces since you can control their width and shape. You can loosen and tighten the laces to adjust the size and ensure the shoes comfortably fit on your feet.

7.  Avoid Pointed Shoes

Regardless of the occasion, always avoid pointed shoes if you have wide feet. Always get shoes with a wide front to comfortably accommodate your toes and prevent the shoe from losing shape after wearing them several times. Shoes with a wide front provide more space to your toes and make it easier and comfortable to walk with such shoes.

If you have wide legs and need to buy shoes, we have provided the above tips to guide you in getting the right shoes. Besides the above factors, you can check the materials used, type of sole, and cost. Get shoes that will last for a long time and those that can’t hurt your pocket.

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