7 Items You Need for a Perfect Camping Trip

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Going on a camping trip with your friends or family is a lot of fun, but it’s not as easy as just driving up to a mountain and setting up a tent – you’ll need a lot more than that. You need to remember, you’ll be in the middle of nowhere, so you have to come prepared and think about important items that will be useful, as you’ll never know what situation might occur, and the worst feeling is when you are unprepared for something…First-time campers might totally overlook some of the most crucial things to bring – so here are 7 essential items you need to have for a perfect camping trip – better be prepared than sorry!

1.  Clothes

Depending on the season, you need to dress right for the occasion! Going camping while it’s hot out is easier than going camping when it’s cold – but you’ll still need to bring additional clothes just in case. If you get wet by accident, it’s always good to have spare socks and warm clothes to change into as soon as possible, especially if it’s cold outside. If you are camping during colder times, there are actually clothes meant for spending lots of time outdoors, made from special thermal waterproof material, same goes for socks, shirts, and pants! There is nothing worse than catching a cold when you are having a good time, you can always dress down if it gets warmer, but it’s better to have clothes to layer just in case!

2.  Sleeping Bag

Getting a tent is one thing – but you’ll need to fill it up with something and make it comfortable! A sleeping bag is an absolute must, you can bring more stuff to feel comfy, additional covers, thermal blankets, also you’ll need a camping pillow – basically anything that will make you sleep better. It’s a big transition from sleeping in your bed to sleeping in a tent, especially for first-time campers, so it will take some time to get used to it! Bring as much bedding as you need and try to find professional gear suited for camping, that way you’ll be secure and not worry about feeling uncomfy!

3.  First Aid Kit

One of the main things you should think about while camping is your safety! When you are in nature, many unexpected things can happen, and it’s never good to be unprepared, especially when it comes to your overall well-being. One of the essential items you should have in your camping bag is a first aid kit, just in case something happens. Additional things you need to have in your first aid kit are sunscreen and specific medicine if you are taking any, especially for allergy. Also, bug spray is pretty important to keep away insects that are bound to attack you during the night! These are small things, but they certainly make a big difference!

4.  Lighting

When you find yourself in the middle of the woods, and forget to bring a light source – it can be quite frightening! This is extremely important as you’ll lose all forms of navigation during the night, and your mobile phone battery can get drained easily. But thankfully there are so many options when it comes to lighting nowadays, made specifically for camping so you’ll have a good light source during the night – this will make things so much easier!

5.  Meal Prep

Something you should certainly be worried about before you go a camping trip is the food! Depending on how many days or nights you’ll be out camping, you need to figure out if you’ll bring already cooked food or if you’ll cook something on the spot! But regardless, you’ll still need tools for food and drink preparation. From pans and reusable water bottles to knives and forks – every item counts! Also, consider getting a camping stove – it’s way easier to cook food this way, and not cook it directly on your bonfire! This will make your meal prep so much faster and easier!

6.  Entertainment

Camping can be so much fun, especially if you are going with friends and family – it’s perfect for making unforgettable memories! The outdoors offers so many cool activities, from hiking and exploring to biking and even rafting! Woods are beautiful, but getting lost can be a nightmare, so most first-time campers decide to stay near the campsite and enjoy each other’s company and the nature around them. You can play so many games and camping activities, one of the most popular ones is telling ghost stories and cuddling around the fire! You can also bring fun board games and cards to play when feeling bored – and if the weather gets bad you can stay in your tent and play them inside, don’t waste any time and have fun at all times!

7.  Camp Site Furniture

You probably won’t spend all day walking around or sitting in your tent – you’ll want to hang outside but to spend that time relaxing. So instead of sitting on the ground, you should bring some chairs or at least a small stool to sit on – you’ll want to cuddle up next to a fire. The same goes with surfaces, you’ll want to bring a small table, this will come extremely handy when you do the meal prep, and you’ll also have a surface to play board games on! Overall, you’ll need more than just a tent when it comes to furniture, and most of these items can be found in stores that sell camping gear – they are travel friendly, and take up little space in your vehicle!

A camping trip is a great way to spend quality time in nature with your loved ones, but it can turn into a nightmare if you come unprepared. Sure, it happens to the best – sometimes you just forget to bring an item, but some things are more important than others and you might want to make a list of essentials and keep track of what items to bring just in case! These situations can become pretty bad super fast, especially if you don’t have an item that’s crucial for surviving like meal prepping tools and stuff like that. Just keep a list and follow it, you won’t be sorry!

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