7 Home Design & Renovation Trends

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It’s a new year, you know what that means! It’s time to redesign and renovate your home design to get with the latest trends. You may love the way your house is currently, but year after year it looking the same can get quite boring. Don’t you think?

Don’t worry, there are many different ideas and styles you can try out to make your home look different or even new! The best part? You don’t have to be rich to redesign and renovate your home to make it look better or look the way you want! Some of these could be changing the walls, having a different home design, adding a fireplace, or even just bringing in house plants.

All of these changes or services are quite affordable, meaning anyone from nearly any income level would be able to try them out! Here are 7 trendy designs and renovations you can try in 2021.

Checkered and Stripes Design

Often when you paint your wall it is one solid color. Same with buying furniture or textiles like sofas or blankets, heck, even table cloths! What would be different is if you could apply some kind of pattern to the walls or furniture to make them more unique.

This can be done by doing a checkered or striped design! Checkered is just a chessboard, where you have squares of mix-matching colors. Generally, a checkered pattern contains only two colors, but you could expand if you want and add more. 

The same goes for stripes! The only difference is that strips tend to be horizontal or vertical lines that change after every line rather than being a checkered pattern. Both add more depth and variety to what would be solid, bland, and boring walls or furniture.

Wall Murals

Another great way to change up your walls, while also being very cost affordable, would be to add a mural. This one may be more work, as you would have to purchase it from a store or find an artist, then put up the wallpaper that would contain the mural. If you have an artist do it themselves on your plain wall, you’d have to deal with painting over it later on in life.

This can be a great way to change up what are common walls covered in paint into a more breath-taking view of something scenic and beautiful. You could have your wall be a mural for a beautiful forest or ocean, some awe-striking cliffside, or even a mural to represent your beliefs in a movement! Whatever you would want the wall to capture, you can find a mural for what you take interest in. 

Try Cottagecore Design

A recent trend that has become very popular in recent months to years has been the idea of cottagecore decor. This is a nod back to the old calm lifestyle we had in a rural agricultural society long before industrialization and the modern world we’re in now. If you’ve ever watched the fantasy movie Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit, imagine the Hobbits of the shire, that is the style it’s all about.

With that in mind, it is a great style that can be tried out inside your own home! This can be achieved by bringing more old school, or agricultural style into your house with different articles of furniture, going back to the use of more candles and sunlight, or even the way the walls are designed. 

There is a lot that goes into the cottage core design, so it may be scary when looking at it, but when done correctly it can be a beautiful image for anyone to see.

Insert an Electric Fireplace

A great appliance that doubles as a focal point with usefulness and decoration would be an electric fireplace. This has been increasingly trendy over the past few years (Maybe it due to the cottagecore trend?) bringing a call back to the old school fireplaces homes used to sport long before we had AC units.

Electric fireplace inserts are great ways to decorate your home, as they present different styles and looks in many designs. You could find one to be a TV stand if you’d like to place it in your living room or bedroom, but can also be found as mantle pieces or just small appliances. 

Best part? They are very cost affordable and vary in price depending on the one you wish to purchase and the size it comes in.

Mix Vintage with Rustic

As changing the patterns of walls and furniture while bringing in an old classical agricultural style is anything to say about recent trends, look at this one. Mixing different looks and feels has become highly popular, as we have so many different styles and designs it is hard to stay with just one! So this one presents you with the option to mix two designs, vintage and rustic.

Vintage is defined as the year in which wines were produced, but in design definition, it means a more retro home design from past years. While rustic on the other hand denotes the style of the rural countryside. To try this design style, you would mix retro designs from the ’50s or even Victorian style with the rustic frontier designs of cowboys and homesteading.

This is often achieved through the use of wood being seen on the walls, much like log cabins and other wooden applications, while adding stone here and there. That covers your rustic, while the vintage comes with whatever retro design you’d add for furniture or appliances.

Help Mood with Warm Colors

A trendy change that doesn’t require too much alteration or money would be the changing of colors within your home design. It may not seem like it does a lot, but in reality, humans have been influenced by colors their whole life, meaning you feel something because of colors. Some colors inspire happiness within you, while also colors that could make you feel calm and relaxed, or even angry!

To help your mood and make you feel happier, you could try to change the color scheme of your home to be warmer colors. These warmer colors are highlighted as reds, yellows, and other brighter colors that feel warm or inspire warmth when you look at them. They are often the opposite of the blues and greens of the color wheel, and these colors will bring you happiness or a better mood when looking at them!

Bring Green with Interior Plants

If you are a nature lover or love being outside on a beautiful day admiring plants and nature, then this one’s for you! You can bring the beauty of nature into your own home, and the best part is that it is cheap to do so. Plus, depending on how you go about it, it can be no work for you.

There are many different ways to bring nature into your home via interior plants. You could either buy pre-grown plants, fake plants, or grow your plants in pots. 

If you go for fake ones, it’ll bring the color and feel of nature, without you having to care for them or worry about them getting damaged. With real plants, you would get a breath of fresh air and beauty with another living thing inside your home, but you’d have to care for it and ensure it is taken care of properly.

Making your Home Great for 2021 and the Future!

2021 is another year for you to change up your home and find the perfect trend or design that you love! Many different trends are becoming popular, while some are fading out and disappearing. There are even new trends that are coming due to a mix of multiple older trends!

So don’t wait, try some of these new trends today! You could change up your walls with new colors or a mural, get that electric fireplace, or even mix some design styles to make your unique style for you. The possibilities are endless.

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