7 Common Mistakes When Ironing Clothes

7 Common Mistakes When Ironing Clothes #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #ironing #ironingclothes #ironingpro #ironingboard
7 Common Mistakes When Ironing Clothes #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #ironing #ironingclothes #ironingpro #ironingboard

Ironing, it’s simple right? It’s one of those tasks that most people learn to do whilst growing up, but no one really enjoys it. Not not surprisingly, many people choose not to iron at all or struggle when it comes to ironing properly. Are you one of these people?! If you are, please read on for some expert tips for properly ironing your clothes. And learn the big mistakes to avoid! (Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels)

Why You Should Learn To Iron Properly

Whether you are a working professional who likes to look extra sharp at work or just someone ironing their t-shirts before a day out, it’s best to know everything you could ever learn about ironing! There’s nothing better than the feeling of a freshly ironed shirt in the morning or feeling extra smart when entering the office. After all, people do seem to notice!

But done incorrectly and you could permanently damage your clothes! Ruining your favorite shirt with an iron is not a nice feeling. So let’s break down some common mistakes and how to fix or even avoid them.

1.  Dry Clothes

Almost every type of fabric that you will iron needs to be damp or moist during the process. A dry iron on a dry item of clothing will lead to only one thing: burns. And a big burned patch is not a good look! Make sure you lightly spray fabrics before ironing. You can do this with a spray bottle but most irons these days have a spray setting. Make sure you do this before applying any heat!

2.  Dirty Iron!

Make sure the surface of your iron is clean before use. Wipe it down (before turning it on!) to ensure there’s no dust, dirt, or old fabric still stuck on the iron. Any dirt will become pressed into your clothes and potentially ruin them. The same goes for dust. You will simply spread dust into damp clothing and potentially stain it.

3.  Too Much Heat

All clothes need to be ironed at different temperatures. Some fabrics like cotton can deal with higher heat, but many cannot. Think satins, silks, and cords. These fabrics are much more sensitive to heat and can burn very easily, even if you’ve used ample spray before ironing. Most likely, each item of clothing you own has a label inside. On that label are instructions for exactly how hot you can wash and iron the item. Take care in reading the label so as to not scorch any of your favorite clothes.

4.  Incorrect Positioning

Your technique is just as important as your tools. For example, if you are ironing a sensitive fabric you should iron it inside out. This also goes for any items with screen printed logos or images. Be sure to iron the inside or back of the image otherwise, you could burn and smear the screen print.

Also, think about each item differently. With pants or trousers you want to iron the waistband first, then work down the seams. The same goes for shirts; iron the neckline first, then work down the body of the shirt. Make sure to only iron one side at a time so as not to crease the other side.

5.  Tired Ironing Boards

Another top tools tip: don’t use a super old ironing board. The surface of an ironing board cover is smooth and flat for a reason – to create perfect ironing conditions. After a while, the fabric top of an ironing board can wear through leaving you with a bumpy, uneven surface. You guessed it! That leads to bumpy, uneven clothes! If your ironing board is looking a little tired we strongly suggest an upgrade.

6.  Not Taking Your Time

A simple message, but one to strongly consider! Not many people can say they love ironing. As such, they would rather rush through and get it done. The problem is, rushing leads to mistakes! This, in turn, means you have to go over the same items again, so you end up taking longer. Take your time and get it done perfectly the first time. You won’t regret it.

7.  Old Water

Leaving water in your iron between uses can cause issues. Firstly, it can slowly leak into the other components of your iron causing long-term damage. Secondly, limescale and other dirt can build up within the iron, leaving you with dirty water to run all over your clothes. Make sure you empty the iron after each use and refill it every time.

So, there you have it! Our 7 top tips when it comes to ironing properly. Avoid these common mistakes and become an ironing pro. Your clothes won’t regret it, and neither will you. Happy ironing!

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