6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Wooden Lodge

6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Wooden Lodge: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #woodenlodge #lodge #decoratingyourhome #woodenlodgedecorations #woodendecorations #bevhillsmag
6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Wooden Lodge: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #woodenlodge #lodge #decoratingyourhome #woodenlodgedecorations #woodendecorations #bevhillsmag

Many people prefer having a stay in a lovely wooden lodge; this has led to the rise in the number of wooden lodges across the world. Wooden lodge decorations will add an extra touch to your lodge and ensure your guests enjoy the ambiance. To begin your decorations, I thought I should help you with some essential ideas. (Image Credits: Imcpy/Pixabay)

1.    Warm Furnishing: Fireplace

Wooden lodges are good at retaining heat indoors; however, on a particular occasion, it may be so cold inside to the extent that regular heating will not be enough unless accompanied by the right fireplace. The most significant challenges come when deciding the appropriate place to locate the fireplace. A fireplace is an excellent idea for warming the wooden lodge because it is a cheaper heating alternative; secondly, it adds decorative value to your wooden lodge when located strategically. A fireplace located in a wooden lodge sitting room provides an inviting and cozy appeal; simultaneously, it balances the rustic feeling that should be part of the wooden lodges.

2.    Classic Wood Floors

The floor of a wooden lodge should have certain features to attract visitors and make them feel cozy. Wooden lodge floors wear out with time. And after a while, there is a need to restore the floors to match the entire house. The best means to fix the floor is to use hardwood restorers and polish. Restoring the shine on your hardwood can make the daily wear and tear, foot traffic, and scratches less noticeable. It’s the color that fades due to friction; therefore, all you need to do is repaint it and give it the modern feel.

3.    Rustic Design

The rustic feeling of a wooden lodge gives a vintage vibe necessary to attract clients to the lodge. A rustic design can be achieved through the furniture and decorations used in the interior. Selecting items with a rustic feeling can be a challenge for an inexperienced designer. Always ensure the decor matches across the house. Do not choose different colors since you will interrupt the seamless flow and blend of colors. Begin by getting chairs made of wood that appear worn or natural. Also, ensure the color blends with the wood on the wall.  Other decorations such as photos and frames should also be similar to the wall color.

4.    Lighting Decorations

The impact of lighting in the lodge interiors is often overlooked. Many people fail to realize the aesthetic appeal lighting has on a wooden lodge. Besides enhancing the visibility, it creates a mood and ambiance befitting the wooden lodge interiors. Most people do have standard villa lighting in a wooden lodge, point of correction; this does not seem very attractive. A wooden lodge communicates serene and rustic vibe. But this feeling is only complete when accompanied by a space-defining chandelier.

For example, choose a chandelier inspired by animals. Maybe one with deer antlers to give a subtle look at the lodge needs. By gazing at the chandeliers, your guest will visually understand what the environment is about. It can also help them know the lodge’s core activities, such as environmental preservation or a hunting expedition during free times. You can also use a well-polished lantern lamp on a wooden table at the center of the room to give a contemporary feeling.

5.    Natural Color Scheme

All wooden lodges have a similar exterior aesthetic. But you can define your space from other lodges by your interior color choices. With a rainbow of colors available, it can be difficult to make a decision. For the most traditional approach, stick with neutral tones. Generally, these colors are the ones easily found in the natural surrounds of your wooden lodge. Take inspiration from your parcel’s flowers and fauna. Also, be sure the color matches the undertones in the wood of lodge.

If the decision proves too difficult, rely on your painter to make an experienced suggestion.

6.    Add Flowers and Plants

The essence of having a wooden lodge is a connection to nature. Simply adding fresh flowers and plants to both the exterior and interior adds another layer of beauty. However, when adding plants and flowers, don’t go overboard. Fresh flowers and plants should accent the space, not overpower it. A lovely bouquet in the center of the table and a few potted plants strategically placed around the space will go a long way.

There are numerous ideas for decorating wooden lodges. These six tips are a great place to start. If making all of these decision is overwhelming, seek an interior designer’s advice to help you complete your decorating goals. A modern yet rustic decor is easily attainable.

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