6 Ways to Decorate Your Home in Style

6 Ways to Decorate Your Home in Style #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #decorateyourhome #homeplants #bostonfern #stylishhome #styleyourhome #decorateindoorsandoutdoors
6 Ways to Decorate Your Home in Style #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #decorateyourhome #homeplants #bostonfern #stylishhome #styleyourhome #decorateindoorsandoutdoors

In order to see the potential of a home, it either needs to be empty or for us to use our imagination. There are many options people can choose when decorating both indoors and out, and they don’t have to be massively expensive. Let’s have a whistlestop tour right now. (Image Credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay)

1. Cushions and throws

These don’t have to cost huge amounts of money, but can have great effect. When buying cushions online people can find pre-styled sets, knitted versions or even ones made in velvet. They can enhance both indoors and outdoors, and be ordered online. Cushions can range from large versions for people to sit on to the more regular ones we lean against or rest our arms on. 

Some people want to protect their sofas and futons from dirt, or to bring new colour to old furniture. A throw may be the solution here. It can be washable, and provide the perfect splash of colour that grabs peoples’ attention. 

2. House Plants

These don’t just brighten up a room; they provide a sense of peace, and  purify the air. Their scent can be a welcome change to musty smells or pet odours. The choices can range from growing herbs on the kitchen window sill to having freshly cut flowers in the lounge. Houseplants can be chosen for their colour or size, and bring new life to dull areas of the home. 

3. Upcycle the Furniture

Upcycling furniture can enhance tired and scratched items. It’s a great cost saving in comparison to buying something brand new. Anyone with a good eye for potential could also look at adapting secondhand furniture too. 

A new coat of paint, stain, varnish or wallpaper can transform wood.  Marks, scratches and stains can become hidden. Chairs can be reupholstered so they are comfortable and inviting once again. A new coat of paint can be used on a piece of furniture that doesn’t match the room, and hey presto – it now blends with the home decor!

4. Upgrade the Bathroom

Fresh paint can make the room look cleaner. Luxury white towels can be stored near the bath, to create the ‘hotel feel’ we all enjoy. Scented candles help make a bathroom smell clean and fresh. Try lavender, citrus or rosemary. Plants can help here too, so check out Snake Plants or Boston Fern, which will cope well with damp rooms. If there are lots of different things in the bathroom, consider buying something to centralise the storage. It could be anything from a floor basket  to a new wall unit. Lighting is key in the bathroom, and a new pendant light or chandelier can once again help create the feeling of luxury.

5. The Front Garden

These days, people speak of ‘kerb appeal’. This area is where people receive their first impression of your property, be they a visitor or potential buyer. Anyone who has a thick hedge may enjoy the privacy it affords, but not the maintenance it requires. People who replace these with wooden fences are often surprised how much bigger their gardens look. Hence, homeowners should take their time when looking for fencing services. For example, All County Fence is the go-to fencing service in Orlando for locals who need wood, vinyl fences and more.

These days, most fences are made with treated wood. This means they should last for several years without needing any coats of protective paint. If the home has more of a Victorian look about it including wooden beams inside and outside, it may be time to consider having a wrought iron fence. 

6. The Entrance Area

If there is a lino flooring or tiles just inside the front door, it’s wise to buy some mats to protect it from dirt. Have a stylish seat nearby so people can sit as they remove their boots and shoes. If there is a shoe rack or basket, it will be less tempting for children to leave their footwear on the floor. The same goes for coats: if there isn’t a clothes hook or two on the wall, why not invest in some that look stylish?

If there are pictures on the wall, it can be a very simple process replacing these or moving them around. Having said that, both family and friends will notice the difference. Some people have their hobbies on display in this area, to make the space more personable. If someone can paint, why not put up a picture? If they create ornaments, put them on a small table. 

As we have seen, it doesn’t have to be a major expense when decorating one’s home. The key thing is to replace the tired, predictable and dull with the clean, new and inspiring. It may be cushions or plants that make the difference, or upcycled furniture or upgraded bathroom. The front garden and entrance way can also be enhanced to give everyone a cheery new impression on arrival. 

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