6 Ways to Boost Your Podcast Listeners

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These days it can seem like everyone and their cousin is releasing their own podcast, and it can feel frustrating trying to make yours stand out from the crowd. There are many different people who have successfully been making a living off of their podcasts for years now, and there is something different about the way that those who are successful approach their podcasts. If you change up a few small things about your podcasting process, you will be able to boost the number of listeners that you receive regularly. This article will seek to outline 6 different ways that you can work to boost your podcast listeners without spending a huge amount of money. By working smart instead of working hard, you will be able to save time, money, and energy. 

Build a brand

An important thing to consider when trying to be successful in producing any product or service is to try and create a brand for yourself that is positive and recognizable instantly. Some great ways to do this are to increase the consistency of your podcasts. This can easily be accomplished by using things like an intro segment, music, or sound effects. By using these things consistently, you will build association with your listeners, and help to make your brand of podcasts more instantly recognizable. 

Listening platforms

One thing that many people do not often consider when trying to reach more potential podcast listeners is to try and diversify the types of listening platforms on which your podcasts are available. Experts from wiredclip.com/best-podcast-hosting/ recommend using online resources in order to find which podcast hosting services are the best, and most worthy of you investing your time and money into. Sometimes being a successful podcaster is not indicative of quality content, but more so a reflection of how available and accessible your podcast is to potential listeners. By using the best podcast hosting services, you will know for sure that you will be in the right place at the right time to propel your career as a podcaster forward. 

Regular releases

In order to have a successful podcast career, then you will constantly need to be updating your portfolio of podcasts that you have actively released. This means that you should be regularly releasing new material to the public. Regular releases will also help to keep constantly bumping your podcast account into the new charts, giving you added exposure that is otherwise hard to come by. Consider posting something at the very least once a week in the beginning, as this will both quickly build your exposure and bolster your portfolio. 

Diverse topics

Another great way to generate more potential listeners on your podcast channel is to increase the diversity of topics that you cover. For instance, if you regularly cover video games, then consider switching up the types of games you play in order to get new viewers. Once you have built an audience, you can also consult them through a poll or similar activity to see what they would like to see. Getting guests on your podcast can also be a great way to mutually benefit both of you, especially if they are a podcaster themselves. Hosting things like an online concert, or competition can also be great ways to diversify your content and keep your listeners interested and engaged. 

Create a schedule

Creating a schedule for your podcast channel can help to build more followers. This will allow your listeners to have a better idea of what to expect in the future and allow them to become more invested in your channel over the long term. This could be something like giving a ‘what’s next’ segment at the end of each podcast or having themed days such as music on Mondays and sports on Saturdays. 

Promote yourself

If you are trying to run a business or podcast in the modern digital era without using all the promotional tools that the internet has available for you, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Consider creating a website, social media account, and streaming accounts for your podcast channel. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the six different things that you can do to actively boost your podcast listeners in a short amount of time. No matter where you are starting out from, if you implement a few of these proven strategies, then you will be able to quickly build your listener base. You should not need to start out with a huge amount of capital in order to build your listener base. By using the technology and resources available to you, there should be some possible way to get the upper hand and continue to build your podcast. 

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