6 Versatile Summer Jacket Styles to Add to Your Wardrobes

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With the coming summer days in sight, there’s no better time than now to get yourself the appropriate summer jacket that sets you right and ready for the summer occasions. With the easing up of the restrictions, it means we can move about and hang around at our favorite eateries and pub gardens, and what better way to do it than to dress appropriately?

Dressing up on summer days is hassle-free and often easier said than done; we have to be conscious of the weather as it may change at any time. For this reason, summer jackets come in handy and should just be within reach.

Investing in the right summer jacket will give you the confidence you need to step out without worrying about drastic weather changes that could be unbearable without something to cover up your exposed skin areas.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top 6 summer jackets styles to add to your wardrobe.

Trench coat

The trench coat takes the top position because of its versatility with women’s blouses and tops and ease of dressing. For this reason, it’s become a necessity for every woman. The trenchcoat is the ultimate fashionable and showerproof summer wear that does it all for you.

The trench coat features some classic and interesting ones like the lightweight duster coat, such as the Hush’s option and the M&S Khaki styles. Additionally, there are many more uniquely designed options, including the Double Breasted trench coat, The Belted and the cotton blend longline trench coats.

The modern Anorak

The days of wearing frumpy Anoraks are long gone thanks to the upsurge of athleisure and new utility trends. These have significantly incorporated the aspects of functionality and fashion going side by side.

There is a constant effort and notable improvements done by the designers to develop more grown-up options. If you are a fashionable camper, go for the simple designs without logos and old-fashioned fastenings such as snap buttons or drawstrings toggle with high-tech features.

Utility jacket

The utility jacket much resembles its sister design; the military jacket. The utility style has similar neutral colors and features several pockets. The options range from the ones with cropped hemlines, the oversized ones or the waist-defined belted shape options, which offer both casual and fashionable styles. An example of such is La Perla’s suedette.

The Blazer

Thanks to the numerous catwalks filled with Trouser suits contenders, people have embraced tailored designs and have become everyday wardrobe-essentials. The blazer has now surpassed its workwear connotation to become a staple for women’s wardrobe.

The blazer gives feminine dresses a fashionable edge as well as elevating the ordinary pair of jeans. While the trendy designs are oversized shapes, the tailored styles are as good an option.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are among the most worn jackets in our times on a typical summer day. If you don’t already have one, you are missing out on an excellent and stylish summer wear option. From the old times of pop stars to the current days, the denim jacket has stood the tests of time to remain fashionable taste to date.

Denim jackets come in the conspicuous blue iteration design, the monochrome version, among others. They are known for their durability and if you happen to acquire one now, rest assured that it will last for years.

Keep yourself trendy with matched denim jacket killer looks as you pose for those memorable photo sessions with your friends.

The Quilted Jacket

The quilted jacket has caught on lately at a high rate, probably because people can now freely walk around and enjoy nature. The attention to this summer jacket is explainable by looking at the 2021 trend, which has seen the jacket rise in demand.

The jacket’s design features a warm and lightweight material making it the perfect summer cloth if you are simply walking more. Due to its lightweight nature, you can wear it solo or underpin with extra layers.

On the versatility side, the reversible quilted style allows you to flip to the plain nylon side if it’s your preference or simply to fit a particular occasion.

If your looking for versatile summer jackets that go along with several women’s blouses and tops, be sure to have a look at the above options.

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