6 Things To Know When Buying Swimsuits

Swimwear is perhaps the toughest garment to wear because it shows as much as it hides. You may feel amazingly confident with one that fits well but something that doesn’t will get your attention for all the wrong reasons. Your prime motive while buying swimsuits should be to find one that accentuates your curves while concealing your flaws. After all, this is what would make you look like a diva as you step out on the beach or poolside. Besides following the basic rules of swimwear shopping, you need to avoid some mistakes as well. Here is a list of the biggest bathing suit don’ts for women. (Image Credit: Margot Pandone/Unsplash)

Don’t keep wearing your favorite for years

There will be at least one swimsuit that is your favorite. You may have worn it over the years and still feel super-good in it. But remember that good thing doesn’t last forever. Even your favorite bathing suit is bound to lose its elasticity with time, which affects the fit. Moreover, your body also changes as you age and something that fits perfectly a few years ago may not look that good today. Don’t stick to your favorite swimsuit forever; rather, buy a few trendy pieces every season.

Don’t opt for tops that lack in terms of support

Just like bras, swimsuits are meant to keep your breasts in place. Whether you are buying a one-piece suit or a bikini, don’t pick anything that fails to give you ample support on the top. This is all the more important for women with fuller busts because you would not want to have a wardrobe malfunction on a crowded beach or poolside. Opt for wider straps and bands that ensure a perfect fit with the top. Avoid stringy stuff as it will just make you feel less confident.

Don’t buy bottoms that are too big

While you need to be extra careful about the top fits, you cannot ignore the bottoms as well. You may be tempted to buy a size larger just to prevent the bulges but may end up with a saggy butt syndrome. And there is always a risk of the bottom slipping down (in bikini style) when it gets wet and heavy with water. The older your swimsuit gets, the greater is the risk because it loses its elasticity with time. Make sure that you try a bathing suit before buying it. Have a good look in the mirror and walk around to ensure that everything stays where it is meant to be.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Don’t just be afraid to try a new style because you haven’t worn anything like it before. Swimwear is all about experimentation and you should go ahead and try new trends every season. When it comes to the latest trends in bathing suits this season, styles like ruffled, one-shoulder and bandeau are making it big. You can also experiment with colors rather than sticking to the basics or the ones that you gave been wearing for years. Similarly, try unusual patterns and prints as well because they can make you look like a fashionista on the beach.

Don’t just buy on the basis of size

You may be sure about your swimwear size but don’t get too confident about its accuracy. Swimsuits vary from brand to brand, and so do sizes. Moreover, your size may change even if you lose or gain a few inches here and there. The best advice is to try before buying because it will help you judge the fit. When you shop online, do follow the size guide properly and take your measurements as it explains. Even though seasoned shoppers generally get the best fits while buying with the size guide as a reference, there still may be errors. Don’t forget to check the return and exchange policy of the website just in case you have sizing issues.

Don’t fail to consider your activities

If you fail to consider the activities that you want to indulge in, you will probably end up choosing the wrong swimsuit. After all, you cannot expect a sexy bikini to stay in place when you participate in watersports. You will need something that offers plenty of support and is secure enough to give you the confidence you need. As a rule of thumb, choose and wear your swimwear on the basis of your activities on the beach.

Now that you know everything that you must not do while choosing and wearing swimsuits, you will be able to pick the best ones. Follow this guide and look perfect every time you are at the beach or poolside!

Jacqueline Maddison
Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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