6 Profitable Service Jobs You Can Get Trained for

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We live in an age where the plumber makes more than the businessman; the trade school graduate more than the Oxford graduate. This is unsurprising since we are so reliant on technology and industry. When we have problems with our appliances, we have no other option than to call a tradesperson to do those jobs. 

Tradespeople are some of the highest earners in our society, and because of that, they are very sought-after careers. I say careers because when you have a trade, you have a job for life. This page will hope to tell you six of those profitable service jobs you can get trained for and earn a good living. Here are those six.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians are in high demand. The world over, temperatures are rising, so much so that in England, a country known for its grey, melancholic weather, there is predicted to be a so-called ‘Indian summer heatwave’ during this present November. Because of rising temperatures, air-conditioning and HVAC systems are much needed. If you wish to pursue a career as an HVAC technician, then it may be worth asking other qualified technicians for their recommendations on the best schools for HVAC technicians, so that you can gauge which is best for you. Training can be quite fast for HVAC technicians, and you can likely pick up an apprenticeship while you study.


Plumbing is the most commonly sought-after trade among young aspiring technicians. Plumbing is a career that offers a lifetime of work, and you can charge upwards of one-hundred dollars an hour. The work is abundant, and you can do it on your own. Like with any other trade, you can get hired as an apprentice with an established firm while you study, so you can support your studies and get on the job experience with trained plumbers. Plumbing is a great option if you are considering trades, and one to think about.


Working as an electrician is another trade that can offer you a lifetime of work. Electricians in Ascot vale are in high demand, especially since everything we use in our homes in some shape or form relies upon electricity [usually]. Many of us are upgrading to smart meters and hubs for our appliances, which means we rely on electricity. An electrician can make a huge amount of money, so for an aspiring tradesperson, it is definitely one of the service jobs to consider. Electrician courses can last many years, owing to how dangerous the job can be. Give electrics careful thought.

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is also in high demand, as we are cutting down trees and our countryside to build houses and apartments. Equally, our local councils are required to hire tree surgeons to perform regular maintenance on trees in public parks and on public streets. A tree surgeon, for those who do not know, is a person who climbs trees to reduce them, cuts them down, or just maintains them. Tree surgery is a very profitable career and one that can yield upwards of four-hundred dollars a job. Establishing yourself as a tree surgeon is difficult, as it is a very competitive field. You would be best starting as an apprentice, learning the trade, then going at it alone.


Landscapers are similar to tree surgeons, but instead of performing maintenance on trees, maintain an entire garden or plot of land. Landscapers are most often found maintaining and caring for the gardens of stately homes or manor houses. Landscapes can make upwards of fifty-thousand dollars a year. Working as a landscaper is very profitable, and it is a job to definitely consider. Landscaping requires an eye for detail and a knowledge of what looks good aesthetically and what doesn’t. You will be expected to improve a person’s garden massively, by incorporating flowers, bushes, and plants [and even animals]. If you do not deliver, you will find it difficult to acquire work.


Ultrasonographers, formally known as diagnostic medical sonographers, are used to perform diagnostic image tests on the human body and check for tumors, lumps, or abnormalities. They use ultrasound transducers, which are machines that use sound waves to produce images of the inside of your body. An ultrasonographer will be required to consult with patients and answer their queries, operate, and maintain their equipment, analyze images, and create summaries of their findings, and update medical records. They can make a lot of money, and it is a trade to consider, but it is one that requires extensive study.

With the help of this page, you should now know six trades jobs to consider working in. Working as a tradesperson is a great way to earn a living. Trades are in high demand and can make you more money than most university graduates earn.

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