6 Biggest Myths About Pool Enclosures

6 Biggest Myths About Pool Enclosures #realestate #remodel #pools #beverlyhillsmagazine
6 Biggest Myths About Pool Enclosures #realestate #remodel #pools #beverlyhillsmagazine

Whenever we have doubts about new products, we turn to Google. The search engine king has all the information you need about almost everything under the sun. Especially if you plan on doing any renovations on your home, or eve a full home remodel. It is true that it is a treasure trove of information guides, but the useful data is often hiding under blankets of myths. Let’s examine the pool remodel if you plan to add a pool, or construct a new pool with brand new enclosure. False beliefs can cloud your judgment about pool safety and enclosures. The Sisyphean task is to unveil the valuable information from the shroud of wrong facts and myths from all around the world. (Images by Pixabay)

Today, we are here to bust the most popular myths about pool enclosures and bring the truth to the light.

Myth – no pool enclosure is pet safe

It is no myth that dogs and cats love staying outdoors. They love sitting by the pool, napping in the shade or soaking up the sun in the winter months. However, as the myth goes – pool enclosures are not safe for pets. If your pet sights a squirrel or stray, they can go right through. Well, that is only partly true. Pet smart materials can withstand strong bursts of speed and impacts. So, whether you have a hefty mastiff or a pesky feline, you can relax as long as you select an enclosure material that has pet safe certifications. Many vendors sell enclosures that have little to do with pet safety. Thus, ensure that you are working with the right vendors, who have experience in the matter. Check their website for more details on their experience with pet safe construction.

Myth – a pool enclosure will cost you your life’s savings

A pool enclosure can range in price from $50 to $100 or more per square feet. Several third-party financing companies can give you incredible rates for home renovation loans. So, you don’t have to worry about using up your 401(k). The exuberance of the architecture will depend upon your needs and the aesthetics of the new construction. Several designs range from basic to opulent. Depending on the cost of the material, services and the size of the enclosure, the expense can vary significantly. For example – if you want to invest in electronic retractable enclosures with privacy screens, they might cost you a little more than the regular enclosure with polycarbonate and acrylic sheets. You need to explore the material and construction options carefully before making your choice.

Myth – the pool enclosure is an unnecessary expense. It does not add any value to the home

That is completely untrue. Outdoor remodels are extremely important for increasing the net property value of a home. Pool enclosures can increase the value of a home by almost 11% if the work matches the aesthetics of the house. According to reports by the National Association of Realtors, adding an enclosure to the patio or a pool can have a cost recovery close to 102%. Adding an enclosure protects the areas from unwanted guests including bugs and reptiles. At the same time, it adds an extra room to the house. It can become the family activity room or the sunroom. You can chill with a glass of mojito on the pleasant sunny afternoons and your children splash around in the pool. Adding a room with a pool to the house is indeed a smart decision considering the resale value after a couple of years.

6 Biggest Myths About Pool Enclosures #realestate #remodel #pools #beverlyhillsmagazine

Myth – only rectangular and square pools are eligible for enclosures

There was a time when only the simple pool shapes had covers and enclosures, but that time is long past. Now, pools with additional Jacuzzis and spas, asymmetric pool shapes and round ones can have the perfectly suitable enclosure. Matching the shape and size of the enclosure can be a challenging task when the pools are not symmetric, but with an experienced and trained pool enclosure company that has already dealt with the oddest of shapes possible this is not an issue. Their experience ensures that you do not have to worry about the quality and aesthetics of the construction of the enclosure on your backyard pool. Most of these renowned manufacturers and vendors have online portfolios that provide potential customers a sneak peek at the projects they have completed before. There are high likelihood that you will find the design you are searching for on their website.

Myth – the pool enclosures cannot withstand storms and hail

That is the biggest myth, which needs immediate busting! Most people across the country get pool enclosures to protect their pools from the debris of a storm. You can protect the furniture, lighting fixtures and your pool accessories from the wrath of nature by installing weather-proof enclosures. At the same time, most enclosure materials will give your pool protection from the UV rays of the sun. It will reduce the rate of evaporation and the amount of water top-off every couple of weeks. Your pool will require fewer chemicals over the long run.

Myth – installing a pool enclosure is not an investment

Introducing a new pool enclosure is a considerable expense, but it is also a smart real estate investment. On the one hand, it increases the real estate resale value of the property, and on the other hand, you will also be saving on your energy bills. An enclosure on the pool will prevent the heat from escaping, and it will always create a comfortable indoor environment for the swimmers. You will not need to reheat the pool water frequently as you do right now during the last few months of summer and autumn. A pool enclosure can turn into an investment quickly if you know how to leverage its beneficial qualities.

Getting a pool enclosure is a smart decision for most homes with an outdoor or backyard pool. Enclosures are easy to use, and a single person can push them open or close at any time. The automatic or electronic retractable pool enclosures are even better since they can roll back by pressing a single button.

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