5 Ways To Make Your Husband Smile

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5 Ways To Make Your Husband Smile #love #marriage #dating #relationships #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

Falling in love is easy. But staying in love and keeping that romantic spark flowing constantly takes a lot of effort and work. Keeping a relationship healthy and satisfying is something both partners should be practicing, and working together is the key to a successful relationship. Many movies have shown us the grand gestures that men always do to get the girl. But what if it’s you who needs to cheer up your man? Below are some tips you can do to make your husband happy, and in return, you’ll be happy as well. (Main Image Credit:  Ana Francisconi from Pexels)

1) Compliment Him And Make Him Feel Appreciated

Men always act like they don’t care about their appearance or behavior and it’s always been believed that only women like to receive compliments. On the contrary, men can feel major insecurities about their appearance, their performance in the bedroom, or even about work issues. It’s up to you to truly support him and show him that you see him, you care, and you believe in him. Be sure to throw a couple of compliments here and there to boost his ego.

Men also like to feel appreciated. Take note of anything he did for you and show him that you’re grateful. Your acknowledgement of his actions with affirmations will show him that you care.

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2) Indulge Him With Little Gestures

Like women, men enjoy getting gifts because it makes them feel loved and appreciated. Even if it’s as simple as getting him something you got yourself like a cup of coffee or a cupcake. It’s not really about extravagant and expensive gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Get creative with your gifts by getting custom made trinkets that show him you’re familiar with his interests. Consider gifts for him from notonthehighstreet as they carry a vast collection of custom made and precious trinkets that will surely put a smile on his face. You can also surprise him by a romantic staycation at home or a weekend getaway.

3) Give Him A Break

Everyone needs a break to unwind from a hectic life. Many guys lose interest if you smother them with too much affection. Give him a break every now and then by letting him have his ‘alone time’ to recuperate. You can also encourage him to have some personal space. If done right, can actually help your relationship grow. It also shows that you respect him and his ‘me time.’

4) Connect In The Bedroom

Keep sex a sacred and intimate thing because it brings you closer and connects you physically and emotionally. Surprise him with a hot and steamy night, and show him how much you desire him. Don’t just have sex, make love. Missionary position is the best way to connect on the deepest levels. Face to face positioning is the most intimate way to bond during sex as a married couple.

5 Ways To Make Your Husband Smile #love #marriage #dating #relationships #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
(Image Credit: Katie Salerno/ Pexels)

5) Communicate and celebrate your differences

It’s never a bad thing to have different interests or different mannerisms; it’s only natural that everyone has their own persona. Accept each other’s interests by either letting him experience it on his own or share his interests to spend time together. Accept his flaws as no one is perfect; focus on what makes him unique. Many relationships have failed because they tried to change their partner. Try to avoid that by showing him that you trust and respect him and it will make him feel lucky to have someone as supportive as you. Communication is also key in leading a happy relationship. Be an active listener to his issues and make him know that you’re his confidant. Try not to hold in what bothers you; many men respect that you can speak your mind. Even if things don’t go your way, it’s always better to discuss your problems as they come and that will make your relationship grow.

Honor one another

Relationships aren’t a walk in the park, especially in marriage. They require some effort and work so both of you can be satisfied. Making each other feel appreciated will end up being mutual. One of the most important pillars of a relationship is keeping each other happy; the more you satisfy your partner, the more you will become satisfied too.

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