5 Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales

5 Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales #sales #bsuiness #entrepreneur #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine
5 Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales #sales #bsuiness #entrepreneur #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Ever wandered how some companies seem to soar into great heights of online E-commerce sales success? And other plummet miserably? Well, there are a few secrets to success when it comes to online E-Commerce store. Apply these tips to your online store to position yourself for higher chances of success.

Split all text content into blocks using titles and subheadings

It is known that 99% of users never read the entire text from beginning to end. Everyone has their own individual questions, to which they are looking for answers. So on each page of the site try to give answers to all the questions that may arise in your potential customers, and separate them with headings and subheadings. When writing each header is best to familiarize yourself with the main queries on which to find the page. Titles help the visitor to understand what part of the text to find the information he is interested in. (Image Credit: Justyna Faliszek/Pixabay)

Informative home page

For all sites to make purchases and sales on the Internet informative home page is important. No incomprehensible phrases, only specifics! When a user enters the main page of the site, he should immediately get information about where he went, what he will find here, what you will be useful to him. It is important to reflect on the page not only the competitive advantages of the company but also the benefit to potential customers, to prove that the store can meet his needs or solve the problem.

Show the visitor the most sold products online, add to them related products. You should show all the advantages of your product. It is possible to place a quality video. Make sure that the internal search on the site works correctly: each request must lead to the right page. Your company logo and signature are also important (best placed in the upper left corner).

Emphasize the security of your purchase

Due to the fact that fraud is now “flourishing” in the network, users of online stores should be 100% sure that they are not cheated. Give him as much information as possible about the fact that buying on your site is safe. Visitors very often pay attention to such things as the physical address of the company, phone number, information about delivery or return (replacement) of goods, the guarantee of confidentiality. Also, it is necessary to place real responses of the clients (it is desirable with a name and a photo). It will be good, if on the page “About the company” to show the faces of the employees. Thus, visitors will understand that behind a brand there are real people. Product warranty is also an important factor in making a purchase decision.

Influence the increase in the average purchase receipt

Always offer customer-related products with custom product options in shopify. Often there is an unpleasant situation when a customer, for example, buys shoes in one store and a bag, scarf, or belt in another. If a person buys from you, offer them additional products that will be useful in combination with the first. Remember to talk about promotions and motivate them to make a purchase.

Give the visitor the opportunity to “feel” the goods online.

In a successful online store, in contrast to stationery stores, a potential customer is not able to fully evaluate the quality of goods. Therefore, it is important to write a detailed description of the product with all its characteristics. It would be ideal if for each product (at least the most popular) you will shoot reviews (videos). This will help to form a clearer picture of the product.

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