5 Tips to Create a Luxury Bathroom

5 Tips to Create a Luxury Bathroom #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bathroom #luxurybathroom #coldtiles #bevhillsmag
5 Tips to Create a Luxury Bathroom #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bathroom #luxurybathroom #coldtiles #bevhillsmag

Your bathroom is a multifunctional room that allows you to prioritize your hygiene, where you get ready to start your days or prepare to end them. Your bathroom will be used daily and is one of the spaces that even guests will inevitably see in your home. If you want to create a feeling of luxury, for both you and your visitors, there are certain things that you can focus on to create the atmosphere in your bathroom. (Image Credit: Aaron Huber/Unsplash)

Good Lighting

Bathrooms are typically small spaces. Good lighting helps offset a smaller sized space, helping it look and feel larger than it is. There are multiple ways to encourage and introduce good lighting in your bathroom. Windows will help bring in natural light, but also are useful for helping ventilate the room and allow for good airflow. Of course, windows in bathrooms cannot be too large and you must factor in other ways to encourage better lighting in your bathroom. The lighting you choose will vary in terms of personal preference in terms of color or temperature, but regardless of your choice, you want to ensure there is more than enough light. This will allow you to perform the different tasks that need to be done in bathrooms and vanities alike.

Lastly, you want to try and keep the wall paint a lighter color as well. This will help bounce light off the walls and make the room feel bigger. Light colors, especially white, help you keep your area clean and make your guests feel the same way. Choosing a darker color in your bathroom creates a smaller and dirty feel.


When trying to create a luxury bathroom, the attention is in the details, which translate to the fixtures. Your faucets, your showers, and taps, and even door handles can create an aesthetic feel and look. Choosing specific faucet fixtures can add a touch of class to the bathroom visual experience for your guests. Having old fixtures and choosing not to update them on the other hand can make your bathroom feel outdated. This is especially important with older and dirtier fixtures, as the shine of new installations can immediately make any space feel upgraded.

Toilet Throne

Your toilet is the central focus of a bathroom. There are many variations to consider and all have different factors that contribute to their appeal. Some have different functionalities from automatic flushing to different flow levels for those that are environmentally conscious. Bidets will also provide the added benefit of cleaning. You might also consider toilets that have a heating or warming options for the seats. Having all these options can make it difficult to choose the right toilet. Ultimately, it is up to you and your preferences. On top of the varying functionalities, selecting a toilet with a certain look will also be important in creating a sense of luxury in your bathroom.

Heated Tiles

If you are thinking of a luxury bathroom, there is nothing that feels more luxurious than having a heated floor to provide warmth. The reason this is so memorable for guests and visitors is that everyone knows the feeling of cold tiles, and heated tiles are a unique design that is especially noticeable in colder climates. This is not something that is done for aesthetics, but for functional comfort. Of course, this addition is not something that many can afford, but if you can include this into your renovations and budget, you will surely have guests raving about the heated floors.


One way of creating a luxurious bathroom is to ensure that you have plenty of storage for the items you need. You don’t want to have a bulky closet or cabinet in a small room unless you have space and it fits in as well visually, but you want to ensure you have the appropriate storage to keep everything you need. Shelves and medicine cabinets are important to store your things and hide them away. From your towels to your toiletry, try to factor in what you need to incorporate in your bathroom. The right storage decisions allow your bathroom to appear clutter-free, which translates to that important feeling of a clean environment.

Your bathroom time is a private experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change things to make said experience more enjoyable. This is a room that is part of your home, which means you need to put the same attention to detail here as you do the rest of your space. Take the time to consider different changes and tweaks into this small area of your home and you, your family, and your guests will all learn to appreciate your bathroom a little more.

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