5 Tips on How to Style Long Sleeve Dresses to Look Gorgeous 

5 Tips on How to Style Long Sleeve Dresses to Look Gorgeous  #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #casualoutfit #longsleevedress #ribknitdresses #idealoutfit
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Choosing to wear a dress is one thing and finding long sleeve dresses styling tips that will be in tune with the vibe you want is another. Long sleeve dresses make really good combinations with a lot of accessories and they are one of the most affordable dresses for women. If you style long sleeve dress to taste, they can go from being a practical cold-weather outfit to a style selection you will be sticking to all through the year.

Whether you want to style your Long sleeve dresses made of luxe fabric like silk or velvet to create a more formal look, or you want to create a long sleeve dress combination that will be super amazing for a friend’s party or casual event, here are some ideas that will be of great help.

Styling Long Sleeve Dresses for Weddings

If you’re attending a wedding in a dramatic long sleeve dress with a sexy fit and flare silhouette, try on drop earrings and a thin necklace to spice up the look.

A long bodycon ruched dress with sleeves is also another great outfit for weddings. Glam heels are some of the accessories for long sleeve dresses that you should never skip. 

If long dresses aren’t your vibe, go for an off-the-shoulder midi-length mesh long sleeve dress with ruched details. You only need a cute clutch in a contrasting color, tassel earrings, and chain necklace to style the dress. 

Style Long Sleeve Dress for Work

If you intend to wear a long sleeve dress to work, then a midi length and bodycon or bandage style will be more appropriate. To embrace timeless elegance in your dress, wear it with bold hoops, a collar chain necklace or an asymmetrical necklace, then compliment your hands with some cute knuckle rings. 

Your everyday work outfits don’t have to be boring every day.  You can choose to gear it up by opting for a v-neck long sleeve dress with ruching at the waist, down to the thighs and hemline. While it would be enough drama to get everyone double-starring, ensure that it isn’t too revealing so you don’t get into HR’s bad books. 

Styling Dresses with Long Sleeves for Dinner Events

A long dress with net sleeves is an ideal outfit for evening dinners. Their alluring details make them twice the charm and with a few shiny accessories, the glam becomes three times better. Your accessories for long sleeve dresses here can be diamond studs and a dainty necklace. If your dress isn’t embellished, carry a metallic purse for some shine. Heels always work best here and they step up your elegance at dinners and cocktails. 

Long Sleeve Dresses Styling Tips for Parties 

A mini long sleeve dress with cut outs at the waist is perfect for day-to-night parties. If the party will be held during the cold months, you should strap on some thick scarves, wear woolly tights, and step into thick boots. For a daytime or summer party, you can wear a backless midi-length cut-out dress with a chain necklace, small hoops, and clear block heels. If the temperature is dropping, you may need to layer a chunky cardigan or a faux fur coat over the dress.

How to Style Casual Long Sleeve Dress

Long sleeve rib knit dresses are commonly worn as a casual outfit but you can step them up for a romantic date, a night out with your girls, or the club. If the dress has a turtleneck then you mustn’t wear a necklace. Statement earrings will earn you the glam you want. 

Long sleeve two-piece outfits are another casual dress style and one of fall’s favorites. They are commonly in a knit or sweater fabric hence their functionality during the cold months. Depending on the neckline of the dress, accessories for long sleeve dresses can be beaded or a charm necklace with a tote or sling bag. Knee-high boots are also the choicest footwear option here. 

Occasions to Wear Long Sleeve Dresses

Long sleeve dresses are considered to be appropriate for a wide range of occasions. There are formal and luxe to casual and cozy styles that you can wear to match the needs of each setting. Some of the occasions where you can never go wrong in a long sleeve dress include:

  1. Formal events: A long sleeve dress is considered to be appropriate for all formal occasions such as weddings, black tie events, galas, operas, concerts, and charity events.
  2. Casual Settings: A long sleeve dress can be a great option at casual locations such as staying at home, going out for brunch, or running errands.
  3. Parties & Celebrations: Whether upbeat or casual, a dress with long sleeves is suitable for parties. It may be a birthday party, prom, graduation, homecoming, anniversaries, night parties, and the likes. 
  4. Work Settings: You can opt for a long sleeve dress when heading to the office, a work party, or even a work dinner.
  5. Clubs & Dates: For a fun evening at the club or a romantic date night with your significant other, a chic long sleeve dress can be a great pick.


Regardless of the occasion and the style of your long sleeve dress, with the tips above, you can switch up the glam to become better than you ever imagined.

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