5 Luxurious Living Room Decor Ideas

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When showing new guests around our home, the living room is usually the first room to decorate and furnish. A well-decorated living room should both welcome guests and catch their attention to help encourage them to stay. On the other hand, the decisions that impact the final design can be stressful because of the consequences. 

Indoor wall fountains are great ways to improve the overall interior design, especially in the living rooms, because they are simply modern yet easy to maintain. Luxe Water Walls is a leading provider of contemporary wall fountain designs and concepts that can match every interior design of modern homes. Customers find it easy to browse through their wide range of wall fountain collections; their designs even help some people conceptualize how they want their living room to look like.

The living room decor fundamentals are just a few steps, but there are numerous essential things to keep in mind to create a truly liveable living space. Beginning from scratch or in the middle of a living room makeover, follow these step-by-step decorating tips to guide you in planning a room that is both beautiful and functional.

Pick the Right Living Room Furniture

It is important to inventory your furniture and be brutally honest about whether it fits in your space, starting from scratch or updating an older space. An excellent way to find out what you care about is to remodel your living space. Whether you have relied on an outdated loveseat or a broken recliner for decades is irrelevant; the fact is that it’s time to change the looks and feels of the living room. The furniture is just as important as the space’s overall design, style, and atmosphere.

Pick or Create a Focal Point and Install a Wall Fountain

Gaze is drawn to the focal point when your visitors enter your room. You should establish a focal point if the room does not already have one. Watch out for the energy coming from the living room’s focal point and simply be connected to it. To give a fresh, modern feel to a living room, you can spruce up the look by installing a modern wall fountain for that relaxing atmosphere.

Give Justice to the Color Scheme

Your color scheme plays a significant role in the aesthetic cohesion of your room. Maintaining a clean and functional look is easy if you keep a color palette in mind as you assemble each piece.

Let the Design and Functionality Coexist

While having the desire for an ample, lavish living space is admirable, you also have to live in it, and your area must accommodate your tastes and everyday life. Don’t be afraid to seek out aesthetically pleasing pieces that hide your less frequently used items while also complementing the look of your other furnishings. A critical aspect of a well-designed living room is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for relaxing.

Avoid a Lighting Mismatch

It can be challenging to select the ideal lighting for your living room, but it can also be an important part of the total design. This home includes overhead lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting, all perfect for reading the latest thriller. Once you know what lighting requirements you have, you can begin searching for complimentary light sources.

There’s no strict rule saying that you can’t buy all your living room stuff in one store. If that’s going to give you the outcome that you want to achieve, then, by all means, go for it. But if you can avoid doing so, all the better. Having a contrast can significantly improve the overall appearance of the living room. The focal point, lighting, furniture, and down to color scheme must all be in harmony in telling a story about the living room. 

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