5 Hair Care Tips In Cold Season

5 Hair Care Tips In Cold Season #beautiful #hair #haircare #beauty #makeup #beautyblog #beautyproducts #beautymagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
5 Hair Care Tips In Cold Season #beautiful #hair #haircare #beauty #makeup #beautyblog #beautyproducts #beautymagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

Do you have nice curly hair that looks frizz-free or awesome tassels that have heads turning with your popular hair-slicked-back look?  Gorgeous looking hairstyle is a vital part of your natural beauty that requires care and the right kind of nutrition. Come winters, your follicles are just pining for some moisture, essential nutrients and the perfect hair care routine. If you are wondering how to care your wavy tresses or shiny curls to maintain their radiance in the cold season, consider what I’m going to describe below.

Use Top Quality Hair Products

Before you even think of home remedies for hair care, first inspect the quality and types of hair care products you are buying from the market. Whether it is a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, style accessories or another hair-styling item, make sure they are from a reliable manufacturer. Go for clip-on hair extensions from Youngraceful.com and buy a revitalizing shampoo from Clinique. Read customer reviews on various social media platforms to evaluate the pros & cons of each product. Ask the experts to get beauty products that match with your hair texture.

Use Lukewarm Water For Shower

Hot water or even high temperature inside your home can dry out the moisture in the hair follicles and irritate your scalp. I suggest you turn down the heat inside on your temperature moderator or thermostat to normal or closer to the optimum living temperature. Always use lukewarm or tepid water for washing your hair and avoid using very hot water. Do not steam bath frequently during winters. You might be tempted to take a hot shower on a cold day but it can dehydrate your skin & the follicles. It is best to use the same water temperature all year round.

Use A Nice Coconut or Olive Oil Brand

Winters can make your hair dry out fast and the flaky scalp resulting from moisture loss can have your hair affected by dandruff. This not only leads to scalp irritation, more flakiness but hair loss as well. You might even notice a lot of split ends and dry follicles coming off loose due to the hair pest. A great way to avoid this is to use a good quality Coconut or Olive oil brand and gently massage it onto your scalp leaving it in there for about 20-25 minutes. Subsequently, wash properly with Body Shop, Loreal Paris or Clinique Shampoo & Conditioner.

Use More of The Deep Conditioner  

During the cold weather, your hair would really benefit from a generous amount of conditioner applied to your hair to retain moisture levels. Although using too much conditioner is generally not recommended. However, in winters go for a nice leave-in conditioner brand. Treat your hair to deep conditioning once you are done with the shampooing part.

Dry Your Hair Properly

Avoid using the straightener, curler or styling rod excessively. Make sure you keep the heat reading on your dryer to a medium-high to keep the follicles from drying out and damaged. High heat from the dryer can remove moisture from the scalp as well leading to dryness and bad hair. Be more careful when drying out your hair. Always use a heat protection solution from a top brand before using a blow dryer to style your hair. Keep them protected!

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