5 Great Camping Sites In Arizona For A Vacation

Lake Powell Mountains And Water in Arizona
5 Great #Camping Sites In Arizona For A #Vacation #travel #arizona #lakepowell #lakehavasu

One of the thrills of being on vacation is taking the time to enjoy the natural beauty of Arizona by having wonderful outdoor moments. Camping is one of the most practical ways of taking a break from daily activities and having the time to reconnect with God’s beautiful earth in ways like never before. (Brigitte Werner/Pixabay)

The best part is that Arizona is never short of exciting camping sites that you can opt for with the highly rated campgrounds available year round including these:

    • Glen Canyon National Recreational Area: This is one of the unique camping points in Arizona that is located along the shores of Lake Powell. It is a magical area that provides one of the most stunning sceneries given the contrast of the blue waters that spread out towards the desert landscape which is complemented by sandstone towers. You never have to worry about finding the ideal camping spot at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area as it is expansive with plenty of room for everyone.
    • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: If you are the kind to take on the path less traveled then this camping site located near the Mexico border is the place to be. The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is one of the most perfect desert campgrounds which have maintained their natural appeal.
    • Lake Havasu State Park: If your idea of a vacation is to have endless fun and be around where there is action, then you have what you require at this campsite. Lake Havasu State Park is a contrast to what many people expect when they think of Arizona as it provides you with beaches that are complemented by numerous water activities. Nonetheless, there are barren hills which will keep reminding you that it is in Arizona.
    • Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon: The top list cannot go without the mention of Sedona which has for ages been the good old place for families to go for the weekend or a short vacation. There are three lovely camping sites to choose from namely Manzanita campground, Cave Spring Campground, and Pine Flat Campground.
    • Catalina State Park: If the idea for a vacation is to have some fun while still in an urban setting, the Catalina State Park makes the cut. Its proximity to a city does not fade its beauty as it has outstanding views and plentiful wildlife.

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Striped Bark Scorpion
(Image Credit: Skeeze/Pixabay)

A highlight of all the major camping sites in Arizona is they provide great hiking terrains thanks to the desert landscape. However, the rule of the thumb to always adhere to when hiking in Arizona is always to be careful of Arizona bark scorpions as they are prevalent in the area. These venomous scorpions are known for their life-threatening stings and are to be avoided at all costs.

On the bright side, seasoned pest exterminators from Responsible Pest Control have all it takes to ensure the safety of all the residents of Arizona. These specialists have invested years in learning the behavior of these scorpions and the most effective way to get rid of them where they are not required. This is because they have a tendency to attack homes which possess great danger to the occupants.

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