5 Christmas Gift Ideas That Promote Health & Wellness

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Christmas is a time for indulging, but many people these days wish to go into the New Year with a healthier mindset. This means that for some recipients, your Christmas gift ideas could leave an impactful, long-lasting impression if you choose them well. If it’s thoughtful, useful, and helps somebody achieve their goals, what could be better? 

To help you promote health and wellness amongst those you love, here are five healthy holidays gift ideas to consider: 

1. The Gift of Cooking Up a Storm

One of the reasons so many people struggle with cooking healthy food is that they don’t have the equipment to do it. A quick glance at a battered old crockpot or a sticky old saucepan would hardly inspire many people to cook up a healthy, yummy storm. 

If you gift your loved one the best cookware set, however, they have a reason to learn how to create flavourful, healthy dishes from scratch. It’s not just a functional gift – it’s an inspiring one that will be with your loved one through many delicious meals to come. 

2. A Healthy Recipes Cookbook

What is better to inspire a multitude of healthy habits than a beautiful cookbook? Make sure it is from a chef they will like and filled with recipes that don’t have expensive or unusual ingredients. Think simple, tasty, and with cuisines that lots of people like. 

If you’re unsure, a plant-based cookbook is a good choice. Studies say that 9.6 million Americans are vegan compared to 15 years ago, which is a 300% increase. This doesn’t even account for the many people partaking in movements like flexitarianism or Meat-Free Mondays. 

3. A Healthy Hamper

Whether you make a healthy hamper or you order one, a basket full of delicious treats can only inspire your loved one to tuck into nutritional food. 

Items like kefir, tempeh, natto, or kombucha could be a great choice as fermented foods have been shown to have far-reaching benefits, including: 

  • Boosted immunity;
  • Helping with weight loss; 
  • Increasing tummy health;
  • Even protecting you against cancer. 

If fermented foods don’t fit, consider fruit, treats from the local farmers’ market, a plant-based hamper, or even a monthly fresh veggie box. 

4. Hydration Accessories

Science tells us that the body is around 60% water, so staying hydrated has all kinds of benefits, boosting energy and brain function while reducing your risk of headaches, UTIs, and constipation. With that in mind, what better healthy gift than hydration accessories? 

Water bottles come in a wide range of materials and designs. Some have a dedicated chamber for storing fruit inside to infuse with the water; others indicate how much water you have consumed throughout the day. Why not help your loved one avoid nasty plastic single-use water bottles and get them hydration accessories for Christmas instead? 

5. Mindful Gifts

In America, nearly two-thirds of adults say the uncertainty of the future causes them stress. Across the world, figures like this are echoed as Covid-19, climate change, politics, and other scary issues cause us all to feel a touch wobbly. A box of Tea!! By gifting some tea to someone, You promote their well-being by giving them tea which is widely considered a gift of good health. According to some studies, tea consumption can provide health benefits and nutrients and help calm moods and improve metabolism. Make sure your health-conscious friends feel guilt-free for indulging in tasty treats by giving them a tea set that will help them detox.

Mindful gifts like plant-based subscription boxes, meditation app memberships, or an essential oil diffuser could be a welcome offering that encourages your loved one to take a minute and wind down whilst the chaos continues outside. 

The Christmas gift ideas above are great starting points if you want to give a gift that inspires health and wellness. Choose thoughtful products, and you’ll give your friends and family the chance to feel that bit better moving into the New Year. 

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