5 Changes the Jewellery Industry Has Seen In the Past Few Years

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One of the oldest industries to exist today is the jewellery industry. People started wearing jewellery in Bronze Age and the rest is history. This industry has evolved in several ways adapting to the choices and habits of the human civilization to become what it is today. The reason why it continues to flourish today is that it has adapted to the change that occurs in society and met the needs and tastes of people when required. The jewellery industry continues to incorporate changes so that it can keep up with time and here are a few changes that have been seen in this industry in the past few years.

The fifth “C”

We all know about the 4 “c’s” of natural or lab diamonds UK that refers to colour, carat, cut, and clarity. Recently, a fifth C has been added to that category which refers to customization. Bespoke diamond jewellery has been trending and people are not fond of the repetitive designs of diamond jewellery. Therefore, most people who are opting to buy diamond jewellery including Hatton Garden Engagement Rings are customizing it to add a personal touch and more meaning to the jewellery that they are buying.

Pre-owned Jewellery

The idea of buying used jewellery may have been repulsive in the past but not anymore. People today are specifically shopping for vintage jewellery that have had a previous owner. Buying second hand jewellery has a certain charm about it. Second hand jewellery may have some vintage designs, something that isn’t made anymore and have a special story attached to it.  Additionally, buying pre owned jewellery is more affordable and environmental friendly.

Sustainable jewellery production

The growing awareness regarding the negative effects of mining associated with the precious metals and stones used in jewellery have led to a decline in the sales of jewellery items made of naturally occurring diamonds. Instead, most people have opted for environmental friendly jewellery made of pre-owned diamonds or lab grown diamonds, the production of which does not harm the Earth and the biodiversity.

Gender fluid jewellery

Traditionally, jewellery was something that was always related to women and men had very few choices when it came to jewellery. But since gender fluidity has become more prevalent in the recent times, the jewellery brands have come up with designs that are unisex and not specifically for a man or woman. These designs are contemporary and unique and appeal to a wide variety of people since they are not limited to gender. There are a few upcoming jewellery brands that specifically create gender fluid jewellery that have been gaining widespread attention.

Demi Fine jewellery

A new category of jewellery that has emerged recently is demi fine jewellery and popular at the Hatton Garden Jewellers. It is a combination of fine and customer jewellery that utilizes both precious and semi-precious stones in making a jewellery item. Popular jewellery items such as diamond sapphire engagement rings London, that were once considered extremely expensive have now become affordable because they are now being made using lab grown diamonds and fall into demi fine jewellery category.

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