5 Amazing Bridal Shower Ideas

5 Amazing Bridal Shower Ideas #Beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bridalshower #celebration #bridalshowerideas #bridalshowerthemes #bridalshowergiftideas #bridalshowervenue
5 Amazing Bridal Shower Ideas #Beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bridalshower #celebration #bridalshowerideas #bridalshowerthemes #bridalshowergiftideas #bridalshowervenue

The bridal shower is not as big as the wedding itself, but it still needs to be as perfect as can be for the bride-to-be. Figuring out what you want to do to make this celebration a fun affair for everyone requires some serious considerations.  (Image Credit: Freepik)

Picking gifts, themes, and activities for the bridal shower is actually quite easy because of all the options, but finding the best one is difficult because there are so many ideas floating around to choose from. These 5 amazing ideas might be perfect for planning your bridal shower.

1. Theme Ideas

The whole vibe of the celebration needs to be carefully considered and there are a lot of cool ones to choose from. You can go classic and have a romantic Paris-inspired theme, or a popular one in recent years is country chic, or maybe you want to keep it simple and have it a floral/pastel color theme. Whatever you choose, make sure there is a theme so the party feels cohesive, because a poorly planned party shows when there is a lack of character.

2. Gift Ideas

If you are a guest or are planning out the guest list, you want to make sure everyone is bringing a great gift. Finding that special something or the lucky lady is a fun little adventure, especially when you know what to look for. Wine decanters, neck pillows, fitness watch, massage/spa sessions, these are some go-to gift ideas, but for those who are stumped on bridal shower gift ideas, there is inspiration everywhere. The most important thing to remember is to listen for hints from the bride-to-be, but a custom necklace could be an awesome surprise that can wow her.

3. RSVP and Guest List Ideas

The guest list lets you know who is coming, how many people, and what to prepare for. Simply handing out an invitation is boring, so why not make it fun. Personalized custom bridal shower invitations, video invitations, and other unique spins on the invitation process add a new dimension of excitement for everyone who is coming.

Not to mention it lets you be creative to get people more excited for the bridal shower than they already are.

4. Venue Ideas

This goes hand in hand with the theme as the choice of venue and party theme will ultimately affect each other. You could do a beach-themed party at home, but a beach would likely be more fun. Still, choosing your venue is important because it hinges on how many people are coming, time to rent it out, and what you are looking for. Venues help you organize all of the logistics of setting up and choosing your place. Venue ideas include your house, local community hall, the beach, and even a camping excursion, among others.

5. Food and Drink Ideas

The menu you choose is important as well because you want people fed and happy. Incorporate your theme for catering with a fun French cuisine option, barbecue for the country theme, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres of cheeses, meats, and fruits for a classy style and even a bartender on hand for fun mixed drinks. The key to a good bridal shower is making sure everyone is happy and the best way to do it is through food.

Planning a great bridal shower does not have to be hard. These ideas for gifts, themes, venues, invitations, and menu choices can help turn a simple bridal shower into a fun experience for all.

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