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Do you dream of being draped in luxurious silks decorated with detailed embellishments? If so, look no further than the elegant stylings created by Ivan Young. He started his fashion line in 2017, and has been turning out gorgeous after gorgeous design ever since. He is most famous for using impressive amounts of 100% silk in his designs. Sometimes the outfits are adorned with ostrich feathers or divine embroidery (Image Credits: IVAN YOUNG)

While it may not seem like much can be done with silk and feathers alone, Ivan Young has created all sorts of attire for his fabulous clientele. His shop contains everything from blouses, dresses, blazers, to even trench coats and bridal-wear! Below are some highlights two of his best collections.

Ivan Young Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

There is so much going on in the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few garments to discuss! Luckily, it can be narrowed down to two main features that stand out in several of the designs– ruffles and feathers. Of course, there is a crazy beautiful amount of silk in between!


Firstly, let’s look into the ruffles. Ivan Young focuses most of his ruffles, which are created out of silk in most of his designs, on the sleeves or below the chest in his blouses and jackets. When it comes to the dresses, the ruffles are either in the sleeves or the skirts. As a bonus, if you do like the ruffled look, but you do like the pattern on an item, you can usually find a non-ruffled version of the same piece. This way, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Feathers really work to steal the show in this collection. Namely, they appear in several styles of dresses, skirts, and even jackets! For the most part, the feathered outfits will either have the feathers up high near the collar or down low on a skirt. They feel as soft as they look, making any one of these outfits the smoothest pieces of clothing you will ever wear. Many of the feathered designs also come in several colors, so you can pick your favorite!


Ivan Young Luxury Silk Collection

There’s very little frills and extra adornments in the Luxury Silk Collection, but that doesn’t mean these looks are anything less than extraordinary. Pastels and muted earth tones are the focus of this collection. So, whether you look best in creamy whites, forget-me-not blue, or earthy green, there is something in this collection for everyone.

Some of the most impressive items in the collection include the large range of dresses. Some of the cutest dresses end right before the knee and have a light lace border at the bottom of the skirt. Many of the other dresses have a long flowy skirt that extends to the floor. Of course, no collection would be complete without a slit skirt dress. This one also reaches the floor.


There’s also a selection of mix and match blouses, skirts, and silk pants. The skirts also have lace borders. Some of the shirts look like classic button-downs while others look like belted jackets. No matter what option you choose, you can be sure the item will be made out of luxury silk.


Shop and Stay Connected

It’s no doubt that all of these styles are immaculate. If you want to get your hands on any of these beautiful pieces of clothing, you can check out Ivan Young’s website. To keep up to date with all of Ivan Young’s newest designs, make sure to follow him on Instagram @ivanyoungofficial. You can’t go wrong with any of these silky styles!


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