4 Ways to Discover Who Owns a Property

4 Ways to Discover Who Owns a Property: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #property #propertyowners #househunting #realestate #investing #houses #businessproperty
4 Ways to Discover Who Owns a Property: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #property #propertyowners #househunting #realestate #investing #houses #businessproperty

If you are a realtor or someone looking for a house, and you need to know the property owner, there are several ways you can do so. These methods are ideal, especially when you want to find the absentee owner. Whether you are a house seeker, real estate investor, service provider, or contractor, finding the owner has become easier, thanks to technology. The internet has eased ways of doing things. You can comfortably search for the property owner in several ways. Here are some of the proven methods. (Image Credits: Eziz Charyyev/Pexels)

Through a County Assessor Office

When you own a property, you need to pay taxes to the local and state governments. When you pay, your information stays with the county assessors’ office, and anyone can view this record. 

You need to find the county assessor’s website, then search for the property owner to get the information. You will need to do some little searching before getting the right page of the property owner. If you have the property identification number, the process will be more straightforward since the number can get used in different ways to come up with the property owner in question. The fantastic thing to note about this procedure is that it’s free. However, it can be tedious to operate in different counties and where the systems don’t link to each other.

Marketing List Companies and Brokers

The number of marketing list companies and brokers has grown over the years, thanks to increased properties and technology. What is needed of you is to call them, make them understand the target, the kind of information required, and they will create for you a custom marketing list. These brokers can obtain the email address and contact information of the property and its owners. They can create for you a list containing the property characteristics, owners’ demographic details, and neighborhood details. The advantages of this process are fast, efficient, and give out email and phone numbers. Its disadvantages are that data may vary from one broker to another, and it’s expensive compared to the list available in the county assessor’s office. 

Local Title Company

You can call up your favorite local title company and ask for a Focused Real Estate Marketing list. Some of these lists may include the property owner’s name, mailing address, nearby neighbors, and other relevant information. However, the data might get limited due to rules governing them, including the RESPA rules. However, such rules change from state to state and the provider. The only information you get assured of is the title company for custom reports and marketing lists. You can gain any other information from the County Recorder’s office.

The advantages of these lists are that they are free of charge, and the individuals who carry the process are experienced to give you the right information required. The disadvantages of such lists are that they may take longer to produce since the reps are always busy doing their work. Sometimes, the list you get might expire within no time, making you make a return trip to have the list updated, which takes time. You may also need to create your system to track leads and that there are no refined lists from its reports.

Property Data and Owners Information Platform

If you are in a property business that requires high quality and consistent leads, you must have information software. Besides helping real estate investors, realtors, and mortgage people, this software is suitable for anyone who wants to know the property owner. With this software, you get the benefit of having updated records and other advanced functions. The advantages are, you can create hyperlocal marketing lists by mixing and matching property, mortgage, and demographic data. The visualized insights also help you to explore leads and also refine the marketing lists. 

Other capabilities include social media links, historical transaction data, phone appending, skip-tracing links, emails, demographic details, and automation functions. However, these tools are not free. You need to make a subscription, and it can go up if you require specific records such as emails, phone numbers, and documents. The tools aren’t fit for beginners searching for information. You need to be conversant on what you are looking for.

There are many software and ways, both physical and online, to help you find a property owner. The above list contains the main ways in which you can find such information. You can use these lists for your individual or business needs to get the necessary information. However, as per their description, the data differ. You need to choose one that fits your requirements.

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