4 Reasons Why Matcha Tea Is Good For You

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Most people focus on the solid food that they eat every day without paying much attention to the different liquids that they drink. The soft drinks that contain huge quantities of sugar or the juices that are practically containers of empty calories aren’t doing your diet any favors. Creating a healthy diet requires you to make the change in both the solid food that you eat as well as the liquids that you consume every day. Since you’re not only going to drink water throughout the day, you’re going to need a healthy replacement for your body without sacrificing good taste, so that’s where matcha tea comes in. (Image Credit: dungthuyvunguyen/Pixabay)

  1. Helps You Replace Coffee

Caffeine is a non-negotiable part of so many people’s diets and the primary way that most people get it is through coffee. While coffee isn’t necessarily bad for you when consumed moderately, it still has some annoying side-effects that come along with it. Drinking coffee makes you get the caffeine you need for your morning, but then you feel exhausted again around the afternoon. Drinking matcha tea helps even out the flow of caffeine throughout your body, spreading it evenly over the course of 6 hours instead of giving you a huge surge that only lasts for the first two hours before immediately crashing afterward. Many people fear that matcha tea won’t give them the caffeine levels that they’re used to with coffee but that’s a big misconception as a scoop of matcha tea contains just as much caffeine as organic coffee does.

  2. Decreases Risks Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Since matcha tea naturally contains anti-inflammatory substances, drinking it can heavily benefit those struggling with any cardiovascular diseases. The anti-inflammatory substances circulate through your body, relieving any pain while also loosening up your arteries to create a smoother blood flow. This can help prevent any blood clots in your primary blood circulation tract, which decreases the chances of strokes, heart attacks, and any heart-related diseases.

Matcha tea also contains a lot of vitamins that aid in maintaining healthy blood circulation. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, and a few more. The primary ones that assist in keeping your arteries healthy are vitamins E and C. Vitamin E assists in detoxifying your arteries while vitamin C prevents any plaque from slowly building up.

  3. Very Easy To Make

Finding a perfect way to make matcha tea that suits everyone doesn’t exist, as there are tons of different recipes that you can use that will all yield a delicious result. This means that it’s up to trial and error to determine which recipe you like the most. The best part is that none of these recipes are difficult to make as you can find tons of different recipes online, and matcha tea experts over at MatchaOutlet.com explain that you can even use a bamboo whisk to delicately stir your matcha tea to preserve its flavors from breaking down too much. If you’re feeling too lazy, you can always just stir it with a regular spoon and still have a delicious tea, as the difference is only really spotted after you’ve had plenty of matcha tea to be able to detect it.

  4. Goes Hand-In-Hand With Losing Weight

Whether you’ve finally decided to start exercising or if you’ve been exercising for a while, you’ll quickly notice that the things you drink play a big role in losing weight and developing muscle. Small studies conducted on matcha tea proved that it increased fat burning by around 17%, making it a great supplementary drink for anyone exercising or trying to lose weight.

Another great factor is the energy levels that it provides throughout the day, as people working out usually rely on coffee or chemical-based caffeine sources to gain the energy required for their workout. Studies proved that Matcha tea tends to improve people’s energy levels throughout the day when compared to a placebo. This makes matcha tea a great drink to have if you’re planning on losing any weight.

Getting creative with how you make matcha tea can be a lot of fun, as you can make a matcha latte or even a matcha boba tea if you’re handy around the kitchen. Whenever you’re free to do some research regarding the different recipes online, as you’ll be able to find a lot of them whenever you want help in spicing up the flavor of your matcha tea. Sometimes, the simple act of switching to a healthier drink can give you the motivation to make healthier changes to your lifestyle, so switching to matcha tea can give you a lot more than great health effects and flavor to your daily life.

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