4 Reasons to Host Office Happy Hour Events

4 Reasons to Host Office Happy Hour Events #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #improveemployeeretention #hostanofficehappyhour #workplacestress #promotingteambuilding
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An office is where you spend most of your waking life. It’s also a place that could use some extra joy, especially considering how stressful it can be. We’ve all been there. You’re stuck in a meeting with no end in sight or dealing with an annoying coworker who won’t stop talking about his kids. 

All of these can lead to workplace stress and mental health problems. In fact, according to the 2021 Mental Health at Work Report, around 76% of the respondents say they have faced symptoms of mental health issues.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your office is a fun and happy place where employees can blow off steam and let loose once in a while. And we’re not just talking about bringing donuts into work on Mondays.

How to Plan an Office Happy Hour Party

It’s easy to plan an office happy hour. First, you will need to decide on the time. You should select a time that is appropriate for everyone and does not impact productivity. You will also need enough food and drink for all of the guests. It’s best to have options for people with different dietary preferences and allergies, so you may consider bringing in catering services or having some snacks on hand.

Besides that, you will have to select a theme for the party to make it more interesting. There are many ideas to choose from. For instance, you can have a sitcom, superhero, Olympics, or retro theme. You can also look for happy hour ideas on the internet if you want a detailed guide on what and how to plan for the office happy hour party.

Finally, ensure everyone knows where they will be going beforehand so they can plan accordingly. If it’s during work hours, make sure there are activities available at the venue in case people get bored. Things like board games and ping pong tables would do well here.

Helps With Stress Relief

There’s no denying that being a workaholic is a thing, but if you’re regularly burning the midnight oil and sacrificing sleep for your job, it can take a toll on your health and relationships. Moreover, it can quickly lead to work-related stress, a common phenomenon, especially in the US and Canada. According to a CNBC article, 62% of women and 52% of men feel work-related stress.

One of the main benefits of hosting an office happy hour is that it offers an opportunity to relax with coworkers outside the typical 9-5 routine. It gives employees an outlet for socializing and helps reduce stress by encouraging positive mental health through improved work-life balance.

Promotes Team Building

Team building is about creating a shared understanding of the team’s goals, roles, and responsibilities. Team building is also about helping people feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. It can be done through shared experiences such as company happy hours or retreats.

Getting together helps your employees learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It encourages them to share their stories and perspectives on how they think things are going. The most successful teams always know why they exist and what their purpose is.

Many other ways exist for promoting team building. However, some of them can be boring for some people. And a study from ScienceDaily journal shows that the benefits of team-building exercises can be jeopardized if not done voluntarily. Since there will be something to enjoy for everyone at the office happy hour party, this team-building session becomes voluntary, making it beneficial.

Ensures Moderate Drinking

The first step to moderate drinking is always to have a water bottle. Having a drink in your hand is much more casual than having a water bottle, so people will be less likely to think you’re awkwardly trying to track how much you’ve had. Make sure you’re always drinking out of the bottle and not pouring yourself wine into it.

This way, even if you accidentally start pouring drinks into your water bottle without realizing it, other people won’t notice because they’ll just assume that’s what happens when you drink from a plastic container at an office happy hour party. The point here is not to hide your alcohol consumption. To avoid looking like an alcoholic who shouldn’t be trusted with their mind or body.

But what if someone asks why I’m carrying around this giant jug full of ice-cold H2O? It’s simple; just tell them that it’s for our favorite coworker who has “a special diet” but loves being able to join us for happy hours. People love hearing about other people’s diets. Plus, everyone knows at least one person who does have some kind of restrictive diet. It might as well be yours.

Improves Employee Retention

You may wonder how hosting an office happy hour can help improve employee retention. After all, it’s not like you’ll keep your employees by offering them free pizza and beer. But here’s the thing, happy hours are a great way to build community in your company.

When people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, like they have friends and colleagues who look out for each other, they’re more likely to stay with that group long-term. 

This is especially true when the group functions as an informal network, where members mutually support each other professionally and personally. Plus, everyone wins if you use these events to hire new talent or bring in new clients from within or outside your industry circle.

Employee retention is critical, especially in current times of great resignation. According to Gartner, employers will face a 50% to 75% higher employee turnover rate, making it crucial to retain top talent. 

This problem is further accompanied by the increasing hiring time. Gartner also says that the time to fill a vacant position has increased by 18% post-pandemic. These numbers clearly define the need to put in efforts to retain and attract employees, and office happy hours are the perfect way to do that.


A happy hour allows you, your coworkers, and their families to relax and have fun. Hosting a happy hour at your office can help build team spirit, relieve stress, and boost morale. The best part? It’s easy to do. If you’re ready to say yes to the next happy hour at work, keep reading for some key tips and tricks that will make it easy for everyone involved.

By hosting these events as often as possible, you can ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their workplace environment. Ultimately, this will lead to better retention rates and more productivity overall.

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