4 Personal Hygiene Mistakes You’re Making

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No one wants to experience a skin breakout or produce a foul smell, as it could cause loved ones to back away or create a negative first impression when meeting new people. Plus, it may look like you are neglecting your personal hygiene.

While you might wash regularly, brush your teeth at least twice a day, and use personal care products, you might make some common blunders that may affect your fragrance or complexion. To ensure you look and smell great, read about the four personal hygiene mistakes you might make each week.

  1. Bathing Too Much

A bath or shower will remove dirt, bacteria, and other environmental contaminants from your body. Plus, it is a great way to shed an old layer of skin and rejuvenate clogged pores. However, overbathing can have an adverse effect on your body odor and skin health.

Washing too much can irritate your skin, and the dry, open areas of the body will allow bacteria to deepen, which could increase your risk of infection. Don’t shower more than once per day to care for your skin and prevent bacteria from setting in.

  1. Masking Cigarette Smoke

If you smoke cigarettes, you might believe a stick of gum will mask the smell. While gum will increase saliva to remove odors, it is often a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

If your cigarette breath or clothing causes loved ones to back away during a conversation, it might be time to ditch the sticks in favor of vaping. Many tasty, sweet-smelling vape juices are available from redjuice.co.uk, which will help you emit a nice scent when chatting with friends, family, colleagues, or a potential partner.

  1. Going to Bed with Makeup On

After a busy day or night, you might feel so tired you head straight to bed without removing your makeup. While you might think the foundation or concealer can wait until the next morning, the habit could damage your appearance.

If you don’t remove all your makeup and wash your face daily, you will struggle with clogged pores that can cause unsightly blackheads, pimples, and uneven skin color. Plus, if you fail to remove your mascara or eye makeup, bacteria may form underneath your eyelids, which can cause styes, skin infections, or inflamed follicles along your lash line.

  1. Waiting Too Long to Wash Your Hair

It is widely known that frequent washing can damage your hair. For this reason, you might leave large breaks in between washes to protect your luscious locks. However, waiting too long to wash your hair can have an adverse effect.

If you neglect your hair, your scalp will start to itch and smell, and bacteria may gather and clog inside your hair follicles, which can result in an infection or hair loss. Plus, the excess oil in your hair can cause the development of unwanted dandruff or yeast.

If you avoid the above personal hygiene mistakes, you could develop clearer skin, healthier hair, and a pleasant scent that will make you feel confident and attractive. If personal hygiene is high on your agenda, you don’t want to be making these mistakes.

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