3 Ways To Get Emotional Support

3 Ways To Get Emotional Support #closefamilysupport #closefriendsupport #counselingservices #getsupport #emotionalsupport #emotional #problems #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
3 Ways To Get Emotional Support #closefamilysupport #closefriendsupport #counselingservices #getsupport #emotionalsupport #emotional #problems #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Emotional intelligence can sometimes seem like an innate trait that people can only be born with. But that’s far from the truth. When it comes to close friends or family, you may feel betrayed if you feel that they are ignoring you or being nonchalant about it. Consequently, it’s important to understand that there are different expressions of emotional support. Moreover, there are different ways to ask for it. We’ve collected the best three techniques you can use to get the emotional support you need. (Image Credit: Gino Crescoli/Pixabay)

   1. Choose Who You Can Truly Rely on

While it may be instinctive to start relying on the people closest to you for emotional support, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best people who can give you this support. It’s not uncommon for people to seek the support of those who have experienced similar problems. But you may be surprised by the lack of support you’ll get from people who went through the very same experience. It’s not because they’re necessarily selfish or insensitive, but many people avoid revisiting painful memories or traumas. As such, they may be a bit reluctant when it comes to tackling the issue you are currently having. Some people opt for minimizing help intentionally because that can be the only way to cope with certain experiences. Even your family won’t be as supportive as you’d want them to be.

Before broadcasting what you’re feeling through many social circles, think about a more effective approach. Better to choose a few select people and see how that goes. The more people involved in your problem, the more intrusive feedback may feel . One can easily become overwhelmed. Confiding in people who are not part of your constant inner circle comes with a hidden benefit: you don’t need to share the whole story! Instead, you can only opt for the part that’s bothering you and they won’t necessarily ask about anything else. Even if the support may seem a bit general and not quite personal, it may be something you could use.

   2. The Type of Support

Friends and family with a vested interest in your life may not say the right things for the situation. On the other hand, some individuals aren’t exactly attached to you, but they can say exactly what you need to hear in numerous types of situations. You can visualize the situation better if you think of it as a Venn diagram. The overlapping of those two types of individuals is less common than you’d think. And if you consider it the only standard you’re willing to accept, you may actually feel less supported. Accepting more types of support from different people can allow you to benefit from less-than-optimal types of support from motivated people. You’ll get to look past specifics and see the good in their intentions. Try your best not to isolate yourself in a bubble when you are receiving support because someone made a simple or honest mistake.

The type of support that you can get can vary, and they all could work. This is why people can feel deeply connected and supported by emotional support animals, even if those animals can never understand the specifics of the issue. Those who depend on emotional support animals (ESA) may benefit from tagging them along. You may want to ensure that your ESA meets the legal requirements of the establishments you’re going to, whether it’s an ESA letter or other requirements. Using ESA is one of the most unique forms of emotional support you can get. The unconditional love of an animal  transcends language and directly reaches the heart.

   3. Counseling Services

Many people regard counseling services as a last resort or something that doesn’t truly help the core problem. It’s important to be able to look at counseling services through a perspective of willingness. Lifelines are mistakenly thought to be only for people who are on the verge of suicide or those who had a major trauma that changed their lives forever. While these lifelines can offer great help to those people, their help isn’t exclusive to them alone; you can basically call for any reason you have in mind.

Those in need also often overlook community services provided by governments and NGOs. Again, people think that their problem is too small to talk about with a professional. Some even fear their issue will never find resolution. You’ll be surprised at how counseling services, whether it’s a psychiatrist, therapist, telephone counselor, or many others, can help you overcome a difficult state of mind. It’s recommended to try counselors in your local area, but you can invest in long-distance methods if you don’t find any in your local proximity.

You don’t expect strangers to quickly run to the rescue, so you won’t really feel mad at them for not doing so. Understanding the dynamics of emotional support and reading the intentions of those you take any support from is essential for you to get the support you need. Whether the support is coming from an animal, an expert, or a close friend, you should always try to find the good in it.

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