3 Steps To Make Your House Look Expensive

3 Steps To Make Your House Look Expensive #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #exteriorhacks #presentationhacks #interiorhacks #realestate #house
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Selling your house is a busy affair. In between all of that preparation and planning, it’s easy to lose sight of how your home looks to a buyer. And when it comes to blind spots like this, the price tag can soon fall drastically. 

Perception is everything. After all, Compass Real Estate is one of the biggest realtors in the United States, and yet, “Is Compass realty in trouble” is still asked. Why? Because when there’s so much at stake, it’s essential to look at a situation from all angles. 

So, how are you going to apply this diligence to your home and help boost the price? These 3 key areas of focus can transform your home from good and solid to gold-standard glamour. 

Decorating hacks 

You want a potential buyer to walk in and immediately feel like there’s space to work with. This means de-cluttering your entrance to give it the illusion of a larger area and applying inviting scents to guide people in. 

Ivory and pale creams in key rooms will help to accentuate the space available while giving it a luxurious feel. However, don’t let the rooms feel one dimensional, and use different neutral textures and surrounding colors to maintain the feel of expense. In kitchens and utility rooms, embrace smaller appliances that won’t dominate the space, allowing buyers to let their imaginations run wild with ideas. 

Large and heavy curtains that reach all the way down to the floor exude that expensive hotel feeling. They can also make the room appear higher and more relaxing. Big mirrors that are placed strategically at a personal level can work with the room’s natural light to make it appear far bigger and brighter. 

Exterior hacks 

A powerful stream of water across the outside of your home can wash away the moss and general dirt that houses collect over the years, giving it far more curb appeal instantly. Don’t overlook the exteriors of your window too. Get them gleaming!

A fresh coat of paint on the door, front porch, and fences will also give the air of expense when someone first steps onto your front lawn. Be sure to remove weeds and trim the lawn. Try to embrace a clean, simple, and minimalist approach to the front exterior of your home

These improvements will immediately make a better first impression on anyone passing by or who is interested in your property. Once you find some find home buyers online and they come and visit the building, they’ll remain amazed by the quality of the outdoor space and start imagining themselves living in this dream home. Working on your curb appeal is, therefore, a must if you want to get the best price for your property.

Presentation hacks 

Taking pictures of the place you live is a fine art. And it’s one you need to take seriously. Try to spend a few hours taking images from every possible angle and distance of the house. Choose a fresh sunny day when light is the kindest to your home. 

Have you tried to make the color and cleanliness of the exteriors pop as much as possible? Have you chosen a time when there isn’t a load of cars parked up around the place? Have you sold the amount of surrounding space your home has? 

These are the final questions you need to answer in just a few images. If you can do this, and incorporate it into the above steps, you’ll be shocked at how high the price of your house may rise. 

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