3 Resources Disabled Vets Need to Know About

Beverly hills magazine 3 resources disabled vets need to know about
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If you were disabled in the line of duty while serving in the military, you have undoubtedly suffered more challenges than you expected in returning to civilian life. You may not be aware of all of the resources for disabled veterans that are intended to help you live a better quality of life. Whether you need help receiving medical treatment or you have other needs that aren’t being met, these resources are available to assist you.

Addiction Treatment for Disabled Veterans With Substance Abuse Problems

From the moment they’re injured, disabled veterans struggle with pain and are often prescribed opioid painkillers to help them cope. Unfortunately, this leads to a very high number of military veterans with addiction problems, which are unresolved by the time they return to civilian life. Eventually, veterans with Percocet withdrawal symptoms or other opioid addiction and other substance abuse problems must get professional help to get clean and live a healthier life. 

If you are a disabled veteran with an addiction problem, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has programs specifically designed to help former service members. 

Additionally, Addiction Resource is a newer organization, founded in 2014, that aids addicts in finding the resources best suited to help them get treatment. Either organization can help you find affordable treatment solutions that can help you stay clean and sober.

Employment Opportunities for Disabled Veterans

The Office of Veteran’s Affairs, more commonly known as the VA, offers the Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) program. The CWT is a vocational program that’s specifically intended to help homeless veterans find employment. The three phases involved in this process ensure veterans are trained and placed in vocations that will help them improve their lives. 

The program guarantees that each veteran will receive pay that is at least comparable to the state or federal minimum wage.

Alternatively, many veterans and disabled veterans have an interest in starting businesses of their own. In addition to the programs available to everyone, the Small Business Administration also has programs that solely serve veterans and disabled veterans. If you are interested in starting a small business, contact the SBA to learn more about the programs that could benefit you.

Housing Opportunities for Homeless Disabled Veterans

Recognizing the increasing problem of veteran homelessness, state and federal government agencies have instituted a broad range of housing programs to help resolve this issue. At the federal level, HUD-VASH (Housing and Urban Development-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) offers housing vouchers to homeless veterans. 

These vouchers can be used to secure the rental properties of the veteran’s choice. Each veteran in the program will also receive Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) case management services to ensure their needs will be continuously met.

Another program, The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV), is a larger network of community-based services that help veterans across the country. The organizations involved with NCHV seek to help veterans find housing, food, shelter, medical care, and other basic needs. They work with federal, state, and local governments to offer job training, legal services, and other types of support to homeless and disabled veterans every year. 

The organization helps disabled veterans by directing them to the resources that are available in their local communities to ensure any veteran in need of help receives the proper assistance. NCHV tries to meet all of the needs that veterans may have by expanding its membership to as many government agencies and public businesses as possible.

This is just a shortlist of resources for disabled veterans. You can find more resources by conducting an online search for federal, state, and local benefits. Additionally, you should always ask about discounts for disabled veterans at your favorite businesses. Often, the only way to find out about these resources is by inquiring about them.

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