10 Decorative Champagne Bottle Ideas

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10 Decorative Champagne Bottle Ideas #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #champagnebottles #champagne #decoratewithchampagnebottles #designchampagnebottles #decorativeideas #decor #decorateyourhome

Got empty champagne bottles lying around your home? Gather them in one place because you got some DIYs to do! You can transform these bottles into something classy and unique that can be a perfect addition to your home decor. (Image Credit: Freepik)

Glass champagne bottles usually come in transparent or green color. Styling them with your preference can also be great for special occasions like holidays. 

Another amazing idea you can create champagne bottles with is to decorate them for gifts. People who will receive these gifts can also place them at home as decorations. 

The possibilities for designing your champagne bottles are endless. But to give you a headstart, here is a list of decorative ideas for champagne bottles that are uniquely different from each other. Read on!

1. Party Gift Champagne

Although this idea is excellent as a gift to someone, this can still add a decorative value to your home. The theme for this decor is to dress the champagne bottle like you have been to a party. 

  • What you need to create for this decor is a plastic wrapper. We recommend using a clear wrapper or bag, so the bottle is more visible. 
  • Place the bottle in the wrapper.
  • Fill the package with sparkling confetti. 
  • Close it with colorful washi tape. 

Know what is interesting about this party gift champagne? When a friend visits you, you can easily give it to them as a souvenir!

2. Custom Label

An easy way to decorate champagne bottles is to create your own label. Here’s how to do it:

  • Print out short messages and stick them to the bottle. 
  • Make the print out colorful and lively, so it is more attractive to the eyes.
  • What makes this decorative idea great is you can change the messages any time! If you want this to inspire you every day, you can add different inspirational messages about life.
  • You can also print out short messages according to occasions. You can place a champagne bottle in every room in the house with different messages.

3. Glittery Champagne

Nothing is more enticing than a champagne bottle full of glitters! Whether you are celebrating Christmas or a birthday, this decorative idea is perfect. 

To make this festive gift, follow these steps:

  • Cover the bottle with glitters. You can section the glitters with different colors to achieve an ombre effect. 
  • Start one color at the bottom of the bottle going to the top. 
  • Mix the two colors, and cover the bottle again with the mixed colors.
  • Finish the style with a ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle. You can also cover the ribbon with glitters, complementing the ombre effect.

4. Love the Beach

Cannot get enough of the beach? Why not get a feel of it in your home by decorating your empty champagne bottles! 

What you need to do:

  • Collect tiny shells and some amount of fine sand from the beach. 
  • Pour the sand into the bottle, enough to reach the neck area. 
  • Cover the mouth with a glitter washi tape. Make sure to do it in an artistic way.
  • Glue the shells to the bottle properly and leave them to dry. You can even paint the shells with different colors before sticking them. 
  • Place the bottle in an area where it reaches the sunlight, like near the window. The sun’s reflection on it can add feels of the beach.

5. Lovely Lettering

Champagne bottles are also great with lettering on them. This makes it more personalized and creative, especially if you know how to do lettering. 

To write the letters beautifully, follow these steps:

  • Clean the bottle thoroughly. 
  • Remove the label of the bottle and wash the bottle with soap and water.
  • To make sure you completely remove the adhesive, soak the bottle in warm water for 15 minutes. Leave it to dry.
  • Use a paint pen or permanent marker to start lettering. As simple as writing “Cheers!” on the bottle is already entertaining.
  • Tie the neck with a ribbon to add elegance to the bottle.

6. Confetti Champagne

A handful of confetti and a glass of sparkling wine have something in common – they are things for celebration! If the glittery decor is not your thing, then this one might be.

The steps to make a confetti champagne bottle are simple:

  • Gather colorful confetti to stick to your bottle. 
  • Brush the champagne bottle with glue. 
  • Roll it on the confetti.
  • Let it dry, and you are done! 

This confetti champagne is perfect as a center table decor.

7. The Right Pair

Pairing champagne with orange is better, and party-goers know that. Why not pair the empty bottle of champagne with an empty bottle of orange juice?

To make this bottle idea, here are the things you need to do:

  • Tie them together using yarn in an extremely creative way. 
  • Use the yarn to tie a ribbon bow around the neck of the bottles. 
  • You can also make an extra pair to give to your party-going bestie!

8. Lace Centerpieces

Champagne bottles are a great centerpiece to any occasion. This time, you are going to need a piece of lace to decorate the bottle. You can choose the design and color of your lace. Make sure to cut it cleanly, so it looks sophisticated. 

  • Pour some white paint into the bottle first to achieve a dripping effect in it. Leave it to dry. 
  • Once dried, glue the lace around the bottle, at the bottom part, and let it dry. 
  • Fill half of the bottle with water, and place a stem of flowering plants in it.

9. Rainbow Lanterns

More colors to decorate your home? Then, use these rainbow lanterns, and place them on your porch! 

  • Cut the champagne bottle in half and then smoothen their edges. 
  • Paint them with the rainbow colors, and leave them to dry. 
  • Once dried, line up your tea lights, and cover each with a colored bottle. 

Enjoy the view!

10. Bedside Lamp

Lighting your bedroom can be possible with an empty champagne bottle. The concept of this idea is to make the bottle the lampstand. To start the project, follow this guide:

  • Gently drill the bottom of the bottle using a diamond-tipped drill. This process can take a while because you must be careful not to break the bottle.
  • Get some wiring and insert it through the hole until it reaches the mouth of the bottle. 
  • Set up the bulb for the lamp, and you are done!   


These decorative champagne bottle ideas are a great way to improve your home decor. They are cheap and eco-friendly ways to maximize the use of these bottles. So, explore more methods to decorate champagne bottles, and achieve class in an affordable way!

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