World of Pivetta

World of Pivetta
World of Pivetta

Welcome to the World of Pivetta

“ Opera Only “ is a creation of Andrea Pivetta, an Italian designer who for more that twenty years has worked with various company leaders in different sectors, from mechanics to electronics, experimenting innovative materials.

 In the field of sound, he has always wanted to walk the original and unconventional streets, beginning with his “ Pivetta Opera One,” a multi-channel amplifier that still amazes for its many constructive peculiarities.

 His latest creation, Pivetta “ Opera Only “ is a product that absolutely differs from everything that normally you can imagine in the field of amplifiers.

“Opera Only” his latest creation  doubles as a high-end audio amplifier and a work of art. It provides 160,000 watts of power and boasts a price tag of almost US$2.2 million. Its seven-digit price tag is justified by its excellent audio capacity and transformer-like qualities.

This artifact, based on intuition, imagination, genius solution, this object gets out of any scheme, dealing with absolutely unexplored land, and from the first contact, leaves speechless.

World of Pivetta
World of Pivetta

 Apart from the enormous power that is able to develop and the grandeur of its structure, Opera Only is a fantastic and unique crossing between sophisticated technology and art: it is, in fact, the most surprising mix of creativity and technology applied to the high-end audio devices.

 Style, shape, design and performance that is state of the art!

 The huge size of Pivetta “ Opera Only “ is not only the result of the technical requirements necessary to be able to provide 160.000 watts, but also comes from the desire to create something very special and unique from a visual point of view.

 Having at disposal and operating this device, it may be an absolutely thrilling experience: its “ comes to life “ open and light, foresees the power of its performance. It is not only a technical and functional tool, but a work of art that fascinates and involves in its articulation.

 We believe that it is not possible a simply description of the object: the fascination of its operation is absolutely indescribable and it can be only experienced.

 Pivetta “ Opera Only “ reflects the expression of creativity, complemented by the inside high-quality audio technology. The external structure is made of aircraft aluminum and the openings or connections are not visible from the outside, and if he or it is switched on, we feel the “Phoenix from the ashes” equivalent – the spectacular act of awakening, which you just have to experience personally.. When turned off, it is an impressive black 12-sides prism, but its structure changes completely once the device is turned on. It is divided into six distinct sections to reveal all the electronics at a glance.

 Suddenly you have the impression that you are looking into the technology space.

 Andrea-Pivetta-Opera-Only-Luxury-Sound-Amplifiers-New-Technology-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-3The sound really must be experienced in person. However, it is quite easy to imagine how the Pivetta “Opera Only”sounds before being able to audition it. One look at the amplifier is all it takes. Purity and power.

The Pivetta “Opera Only” exactly as you would imagine.

 The  Pivetta“Opera Only” is monstrous in  all respects: it’s massively sized, heroically engineered and overtly styled. But it flies with powerful yet delicate wings – it conquers any, and I mean any, speaker load, and with transducers of equivalent stature it can convey profound sonic beauty. Yes, it is stratospherically priced, but for the lucky ones who are able to partake in such extreme audio technology luxuries, the Pivetta“Opera Only” is without peer.

 During last High End Munich 2013 we have been invited and Pivetta “ Opera Only “ had a great success. It was the most admired, photographed and desired object in all the Exhibition.

For the first time the visitors could see live and in color the unique and unrepeatable work of art this technology offers.

 The Mission of Andrea Pivetta is to provide an unique product because we think that our customers want solutions tailored to them and so we work on demand. ” Opera Only ” is only the top example that we can do.

 Completely MADE in ITALY. Learn more here.

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