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Prior to 2020, working from home was definitely not considered ‘normal’ and was mostly associated with business owners or freelancers. However, the challenges of the pandemic have meant that most businesses have been forced to send their employees home to work, and now the end of the pandemic is near, a lot won’t be coming back full time (largely because employees don’t want to).

At first, the novelty of home jobs was fun and the idea of leaving behind the traditional working environment was exciting to say the least. Soft offices and pajama bottoms were the norm, but as time has worn on, the newness of it all has worn off. The lines between work life and home life got blurred, and that means many people are now yearning for ways to distinguish between their jobs and their relaxation time. One way to do this is with clothes.

There’s no need to wear a full three-piece suit with all the trimmings, or to don a pair of six-inch stiletto heels whilst working from home, but putting together formal work outfits and ditching the jogging bottoms and baggy hoodies will allow you to draw a line between home and work. 

Here are some working from outfit outfits that will have you looking presentable for Zoom calls in a moment’s notice, but that won’t be uncomfortable if you do choose to ditch your desk for the comfort of the sofa. 


First, we’ll start with women’s outfits. There are arguably far more options available for women, but we’ve limited it to just three for now. 

Buffet Dress

Say goodbye to the constriction of bodycon dresses and a-line pencil skirts and hello to the formal freeness of the buffet dress. This style of dress is loose at the midriff but still appropriate for work since the sleeves and stereotypical high neck are ooze professionalism. Buffet dresses range in length, from long and midi options to above the knee, but they are usually longer. What’s more, since we’re edging into summer, the loose fit of buffet dresses will keep you cool. If you do have to make a return to the office, you can rely on this dress to make the transition back into formalwear less imposing. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Buffet Dress

Oversized Blazer 

Believe it or not, it is possible for a blazer to be somewhat smart casual. The trick is to buy an oversized blazer in a ‘boyfriend’ fit. This will be looser – similar to a jacket. The lapel will do all the professional heavy lifting whilst the relaxed fit will ensure you’re comfortable. We would recommend pairing a bright oversized blazer in a pastel or beige/brown shade with a round neck white t-shirt. On the bottom, go for a pair of wide leg trousers in a darker shade. Accessorize with a belt and you have another complete working from home outfit that will bode well on Zoom. 

Cigarette Trousers 

Odds are, you likely have a pair of fitted cigarette trousers somewhere in your wardrobe leftover from working in the office. Whilst you would typically pair them with heels and a chiffon blouse, you can tone them down for working from home, too. To do this, swap your blouse with a high-neck bodysuit in a white, black or nude shade. Make the neckline pop with a statement necklace and there you have it, another exceptionally comfy yet smart looking working from home outline. 


Men’s outfits are slightly trickier to coordinate in the sense there are consistently fewer options. That being said, we’ve put together three options that offer versatility and comfort at the same time. 

¾ Polo Jumper 

One of the recent trends that’s really taken off in men’s fashion is the ¾ polo jumper. Typically knitted or wool, this collared top can be paired with a simple t-shirt underneath. The collar will make you look professional, but the relaxed fit will allow you to work in comfort and not feel too overdressed for your house. Pair it with a pair of chinos and you have the perfect smart-casual outfit. 

Open Overshirt & T-Shirt 

This is another option to pair with chinos, but it works well with jeans if that’s more your style. All you need is a plain white round-neck t-shirt and a colorful overshirt. Keep it untucked and open to add a more laid-back feel to your outfit. Similar to how the collar on an oversized blazer does all the professional work for women, the collar and fit of the men’s overshirt will ensure you look presentable on your important work calls. 

Polo Shirt 

For those who are conscious of getting too warm this summer, try a polo t-shirt. More freeing and flexible than a traditional cotton shirt, polo shirts offer the best of both worlds between shirts and t-shirts. The collar and sprinkling of buttons at the top of the garment indicate you’re a true professional, but the relaxed nature of the rest of the shirt allow to you work from your soft office in both comfort and style. We would recommend pairing it with a pair of tweed trousers to avoid looking too much like a golf player


There you have it! Three men’s and women’s work from home outfits that will allow you to keep your weekend clothes for your relaxation time without making you feel like you’re restricted and dressed to the nines in your dining room.  

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