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Recent world events and cultural trends have caused women to place more emphasis on comfort, health, and outdoor activities. Lockdowns and public health concerns have made many women grateful to spend time outdoors, to exercise, and to connect to the natural world.

These trends have also influenced womens’ fashion choices, with many women opting for low-maintenance, comfortable, sportier clothing that lends itself to an active lifestyle. 

Outdoor clothing brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and Northface have become staples of many women’s wardrobes. As more women lean into more practical and athletic clothing choices, activewear has become a hot commodity.

Finding comfortable clothing to fit any occasion can be tough, so let’s review a few different options that will leave you feeling comfortable and fashionable. 

Cotton and Linen Blend Drawstring Shorts

When looking for the right pair of shorts, you should consider their material and style. Drawstring shorts are among the most comfortable since they can be tightened as needed. 

A cotton and linen blend short will give you a unique combination of breathability and durability. That’s why they’re perfect for hanging out around the house or being active outdoors. 

Importantly, they are incredibly comfortable and you can pick a neutral color for a more subtle look, or a bright color to make them a statement piece. 

A Reliable Flannel Shirt

Finding a reliable flannel can be a great way to orient your wardrobe more around comfort and simplicity. Flannels are perfect for going for a hike with friends when you need a top that is both warm and breathable.

You can mix and match your favorite color and material combinations as well. A red plaid flannel is perhaps the most classic, but blue flannels can look great too. Flannels are often worn in colder climates but are very adaptable.

Most flannels are made from cotton, although you can find blends that wick away moisture, a great option if you’re looking for something lightweight for warmer weather.

Bike Shorts

As many women are demonstrating today, biking shorts are not just for biking. Particularly if you opt for a seamless, stretchy pair, they are the most comfortable option for many women. 

Bike shorts are made to be comfortable and athletic, so they are a natural fit for women looking for freedom of movement as well as ease of wearing. 

Many women enjoy wearing them when working out at the gym since they can be a bit warmer than athletic shorts and a bit less revealing if you’re trying to avoid unwanted attention. Womens shorts come in so many shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to find a pair that frames you perfectly. 

Of course, it is always great to have a pair for when you do decide you would like to clamp on your cycling helmet and go for an early morning ride. But, even if that’s not your plan, bike shorts are a great, multipurpose pair of shorts to have in your wardrobe. 

A Quality Windbreaker

If you’re living an active lifestyle, having a good windbreaker or jacket is essential for protection in cooler climates while outdoors.

Don’t skimp on price since a good jacket can last you for years. Think of it as an investment in you!

Windbreakers are great because they reduce wind chill and are water resistant, meaning they can protect you from light rain. Some are even water proof–for a higher price point. 

Make sure to find a material that is suited for the environments you’ll be wearing it in. Many businesses, including clothing companies, are using new technology to improve their products and most windbreakers are made from nylon, polycotton, or a cotton mix. 

Athletic Shorts or Running Shorts

A reliable pair of athletic shorts is a must-have in womens’ wardrobes, especially those that enjoy an active lifestyle.  

For athletic shorts, comfort and maneuverability are key. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t find a pair that make you look great, but bear in mind that wardrobe malfunctions should be the least of your concerns when you’re outdoors working out hard. Finding the right pair isn’t as easy as it sounds, considering that shorts have always had a complicated history in womens fashion when it comes to their use in sports. 

You can also search for a pair that features moisture-wicking material to keep you comfortable when you’re breaking a sweat. If you’re trying on a pair, make sure to check that they are spacious and comfortable when you bend your knees, move around, and perform workout routines


A quality pair of sunglasses will make you feel infinitely more comfortable outdoors. If you’re a surfer, you’ll need a pair to get to the beach. If you’re a skier or snowboarder, you’ll need to have a pair to protect your eyes from the powerful glare of the sun off of the snow.

Even if you’re hiking or getting around town, a great pair of sunglasses can not only complete an outfit but also enhance your day-to-day comfort.

Make sure to find a pair that fits correctly on your face. You’ll also want to make sure the shape of the sunglasses complement your facial structure. Generally, square sunglasses are great for round faces, and rounder sunglasses work well on angular faces, but these aren’t hard and fast rules!

For long-term eye protection, make sure that the sunglasses you choose are polarized or integrate new technologies to reduce UV rays. This will greatly reduce the strain on your eyes when in the sun for long and protect them into the future. 

Denim Shorts

Brands like Wrangler and Levis are known for their comfortable clothing, and it’s no secret why. Denim can offer the perfect level of functionality, durability, and simplicity. 

Denim shorts come in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors. Be creative and decide if you want to go with a darker or lighter denim, and if you’d like to wear them at waist level or as a high-waisted short. 

When going outdoors, you should consider what sort of denim you buy. You might even consider a denim blend that could make shorts a bit more stretchy and comfortable. Or consider a pair of pull-on or elastic denim shorts that save you the trouble of buttoning and zipping them up every day.

Denim shorts are one of the most classic looks and it’s hard to imagine them going out of style. And don’t forget the many organic denim products on the market–good for you, great for the environment!

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