Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Is a Good Decision

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Personal injury is a legal term that refers to situations or injury caused by an individual to another person’s physical, mental condition, and integrity; either done intentionally, negligently, recklessly or with strict liability. The case scenario could be as simple as being attacked by the dog next door or encountering an accident in a store. When this happens, people can rightfully claim some finances to compensate for the injury. Many people tend to manage their own cases, and this is doable. They can deal with their own claims through insurance or small claims court. However, there may be instances that expert legal advice is necessary depending on the extent of the injury and other legalities involved in the case.

Should you decide to manage your own case, you must stick to it all the way. But it would be unwise if you start by handling your case and then, later on, resort to hiring a personal injury lawyer. This only delays and obscures the claim process. If you want a speedier and surer process, then decide from the start to get a personal injury lawyer because your own decisions might only worsen your case.

Few cases are manageable on your own such as encountering a car accident with minor injuries or damages. The injuries to both sides of the party might cost you some medical bills and filing a claim with your insurance or the insurance of the opposite party might already be sufficient. In this case, then there is no need to involve any legal adviser. Another case scenario is when the injuries you acquired do not qualify to indict (no-fault claim). But any injury that steps out of the no-fault system will require you to ask for professional legal assistance. Another setting is when you feel that you have the capacity to negotiate with the opposite party and with the insurance agent on the fair settlement amount. You must be knowledgeable of the legal process in that case, especially if you decide to take it to the Small Claims Court. And lastly, if you are a legal practitioner yourself with sufficient knowledge and understanding of personal injury, there is no need to hire another lawyer.

What are the particular instances that you might consider seeking professional legal advice? First, when your injuries are not as minor as you assumed. Some individuals are hesitant to seek legal advice due to the assumption that their injury is not that severe. When the insurance company of the opposing party offers a big deal, you no longer need the help of the lawyer. Remember that those minor injuries, which appeared to be minimal at first, may eventually be serious damage upon medical check-up. In addition, since you were confident of the settlement, you accepted it and cannot do anything about it anymore. Whatever happens to you after the accident, the other party has no more say since you have settled. A professional legal adviser especially a personal injury attorney will give you sound advice that you should delay negotiations or settlements until you grasp the entire condition of your body and the fullest degree of your injuries. After that, then you can deal with settling. Stephen Babcock is one of the most reliable and experienced attorney I know who deal with all kind of person injury cases. You can visit him on the website www.stephenbabcock.com.

A legal adviser will also enlighten you that personal injury is not only limited to physical damages. Most people think that the coverage of the personal injury law is only the physical but includes any emotional trauma as another damage you are entitled to, hence reaching a reasonable settlement. Unless you hire a lawyer, you will never know the complete coverage or extent of damage you are given the right to. Legal professionals are also experienced and skilled in settlements and negotiations. They know the nitty-gritty of these things which regular individuals do not. If you want to recover faster and achieve justice for all the trouble and pain you went through, the only way is to give it to the experts. Moreover, people will take your case seriously if you have an attorney pleading for you, compared to managing the case on your own.

Many people are hesitant to seek professional legal assistance due to the legal fees, but most if not all personal injury lawyers base on contingency, meaning they will not charge you with anything unless they win the case for you or successfully settle elsewhere. They will get their share once you have finished settling and received your settlement or damage award. Of course, that is based on an initial negotiation between you and the lawyer on how much percentage he or she gets out of the settlement.

If you want to have better decisions and peace of mind, it is better to entrust your injury lawsuits to personal injury lawyers. Globenewswire in an article just today (January 27, 2022) reported a 900,000 dollars settlement for a slip and fall accident victim in a convenience store which was negligence on the part of the convenience store. The victim had a back injury. So see, if you do not hire an attorney for this, though it may appear a minor injury, the victim would not have gained that much settlement and he was able to pay for his medicals. The case also served as a huge lesson to store owners in keeping their stores in an accident-free zone. We also want things to be fair between both parties that is why we need to undergo due process.

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