Why Gourmet Coffee Beans Make a Better Cup of Joe

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Your coffee’s quality heavily depends on the beans, roasting, grinding, and brewing process. Not every coffee retailer pays careful attention to the ingredients used, and in many cases, the end goal is mass production. When a lack of care is placed into creating coffee, you end up with a subpar product.

Rather than settle for a quick coffee, consider high-quality coffee from independent retailers or brands that are committed to executing detailed efforts to curate great coffee. The beans used to make coffee are the most important for creating a fine cup of coffee. For the best coffee, look for Arabica beans, as these will provide a fuller, richer flavor than alternatives used to produce bitter coffee at a fast rate.

Arabica beans require a cool, subtropical climate and, ideally, a high-altitude region for optimal growing conditions. To harness the ingredients that create a gourmet cup of coffee (the high amount of lipids and sugars that are unique to arabica beans), optimal growing conditions are necessary. For more information on why gourmet coffee beans make a better cup of coffee, continue reading.

Gourmet coffee beans are less acidic.

Alternatives to gourmet coffee beans are typically higher in caffeine. While this may wake you up, you’re less likely to enjoy your cup of coffee, as higher levels of caffeine increase the coffee’s acidity, which results in a bitter taste. With gourmet coffee beans, there is less caffeine and more natural sugar, creating a smooth, sweeter coffee that is caffeinated and sweeter in flavor.

Specialty coffee Is better for you and the environment.

Since a great deal of environmental care is put into the coffee growing process for 100% Arabica beans, safe and eco-friendly practices result in coffee beans that are better for you. With gourmet coffee beans, you receive a cup of coffee with more antioxidants, compounds that help you stay healthy and live longer. Cheaper beans are harvested using methods that erode the soil, depleting the coffee bean plant of critical nutrients, which means you don’t receive that essential nutrition in your morning joe.

However, with gourmet coffee beans, the harvesting is completed by hand, ensuring that processing is composed entirely of ripe coffee cherries for the healthiest and smoothest cup. Coffee production for regular coffee is done in large fields with fertilizers, making the coffee plants grow faster. This wreaks havoc on the environment and reduces the quality and health of the coffee you end up with.

The roasting process yields tastier coffee.

The coffee roasting methods for 100% gourmet coffee beans are done as lightly as possible. This ensures that the flavors within the coffee are brought out. Everything from the soil type to the humidity can influence the coffee’s flavor. Cheaper roasting methods often result in smoky, crisper flavors that emerge from burning the coffee beans with careless roasting methods.

More care is put into the process for a higher quality product.

The amount of care and time put into coffee production allows for a better cup of coffee. Each aspect of coffee making, from the growing to the brewing, influences the flavor and quality of the gourmet coffee beans. The more care and consideration that is put into each stage, the better the coffee. The quality is in the details: mass-production coffee techniques don’t remove unripe coffee cherries before processing, nor do they prioritize the roasting methods used to preserve natural flavor or prevent an acidic, bitter taste.

You’ll taste flavors you can’t find in commercial coffee.

With gourmet coffee beans, you’ll taste flavors you can’t even find in commercial coffees. Natural tastes of caramel, berry, chocolate, and even citrus are enjoyed with specialty coffees made from gourmet coffee beans. From the higher amounts of sugar and minerals to how gourmet coffee is grown, Arabica beans are cultivated to bring out flavors that give you quality coffee from the first sip.

High-quality coffee production is consistent from farm to cup.

The commitment to high-quality coffee production is the force behind what separates a standard from a stellar cup of coffee. Beginning with the coffee beans, each step of the process is as essential as the last. With gourmet coffee beans, you’re getting quality coffee from farm to cup.

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