What Would Be Your Favorite Luxury Mansion?

What Would Be Your Favorite Luxury Mansion? #luxury #luxury mansion
What Would Be Your Favorite Luxury Mansion? #luxury #luxury mansion

Whether you’re in the market to buy a new luxury home, or just wondering what your dream home would look like, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explore not just luxury homes, but villas, manors, estates and all kinds of luxury properties that you’ve only seen in Hollywood movies. No, they’re not made up for anyone film, in particular, they’re very real. In fact, we will show you the insides of these homes, how they’re designed, what kind of interior design they possess and especially, what the thought process behind these kinds of homes are. It’s not all about the money, it’s about traditional grandiose and making homes that make people feel happy in their heart.

English country manor

Highclere Castle

England is the home of the castle and it wouldn’t be right to not have an old, English country manor on this list if it wasn’t in a castle. The Highclere Castle is the real Downton Abbey. It’s where the Earls of Carnarvon was living when the events that are portrayed might have taken place. It’s been in their hands since about 1679, which makes it a very old and loved manor hour.

The inside is as you would expect it. It’s half still in the Middle Ages, with the brilliant paintings on the walls and the walls that are either laid bare or they have been painted in royalty colors such as burgundy, royal blue or cream with a yellow hue. The outside is truly classic English countryside, with rolling green hills, meadows and lots of little hidden walkways that lead deeper into the farmland around the property.


Situated in one of the most amazing counties in the UK, the Chatsworth manor is one of the best parts of Berkshire to visit. Inside, you have a mixture of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian interior design. The gold, red and blue is placed in the home, with elegance, subtlety and most of all, space.

The library and lounge area are simply divine. The classic winged chairs, the Chaise lounge chairs, the amazing earth tones and the side tables are simply breathtaking. It’s like being transported back in time, with this traditional manor property, looking and feeling the way it does. It featured in the 2005 film, Pride and Prejudice which starred Kiera Knightly, for those of you that are keen-eyed.

Greece and Italian villas

Villas in the Mediterranean are to die for. They’re coastal properties so you have a chance to walk by the sea at any time and look out over the horizon every morning. They’re the best place to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy watching the sunset. But there are so many choices in terms of nation. So should you go to Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Greece or Italy? The previous two of course!


The hot white stones of the Santorini are standing strong under the sun and reflecting as much heat back as they are given. Which makes living in these villas very practical, despite the searing heat that you’re experiencing for 8 months of the year. The architecture is Greek Orthodox, as this place is heavily inspired by its Christian values. The amazing villas are not cheap, however, as decent villas will start at 1 million Euros.


Where else in Italy, but Naples? It’s the best city in Italy, for food, sunshine, fashion and community. The villas in Naples are not unlike Greece, they use lighter stones which reflect the heat away, thus keeping householders cool. However, because the infrastructure is better due to the ground not being so uneven as in Greece, you can have large swimming pools and outdoor tennis courts. These villas are just as expensive but they have more in the way of amenities. The interior design style is uniquely rustic and colorful, something that you’ll only find Naples pulling off so elegantly.

Classic American mansion

The mansion has largely gone unnoticed in European markets because it’s a word that isn’t associated with traditional homes. In America however, there are not traditional homes, but there are classic homes. These two styles are similar, but the classic style is more akin to the modern home.

If you want some exquisite examples, check out The Lifestyle Collection Website. Here you’ll find classic American mansions, with brilliant interior designs. The walnut kitchen cabinets, the large open floor plans, bare support beams and the incredible outdoor space, is truly one of a kind. You won’t find this level of modernity in some of the best homes around the world. There’s a modern games room with arcade stacks, pool table, cinema zone and even a bar in almost all of these homes. Swimming pools come as standard, but some homes have their very own jacuzzi. Can you imagine an English manor house with a jacuzzi in the backyard? That’s not going to happen!

Cottages making a comeback?

Cottages have always been a property type that has lured the affluent classes because they’re in a remote location and they always afford privacy. For the lack of space indoors, you have an abundance of space outdoors. The countryside is all around you, and you can take a walk, hike or mountain bike trip in any direction. The great thing about cottages is, they have stood the test of time. They are built to last and can withstand anything that nature throws at them.

These types of properties are mostly only found in countries like the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria and some Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden. So if you’re an American you’ll need to consider moving to another continent if you would like a cottage. The American equivalent would be a cabin property, in the mountains of Colorado or something similar.

Whether you’re in the process of designing which kind of luxury property to buy or to rent, this has been a list of the best options in the world. There are types that some nations just can’t manage to pull off and the cottage is one of the most unique. A coastal villa is best found in the South of France, Italy and Greece.

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