What Men Should Know About Engagement Rings

What Men Should Know About Engagement Rings: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #engagementrings #rings #jewelry #engagement #wedding #ring
What Men Should Know About Engagement Rings: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #engagementrings #rings #jewelry #engagement #wedding #ring

Should you save your paycheck for three months to buy the perfect ring? Or should it have a diamond the size of a fist? Purchasing engagement rings can put a guy through a lot of stress, which is why we thought it’s time to answer the age-old question. (MarinaVoitik/Pixabay)

‘How do you find the perfect engagement ring?’

Besides the financial toll, an engagement ring must really be perfect for your partner. 

It needs to show your love and appreciation for her style, mind, and soul. Furthermore, in today’s day and age, the price and size are not decisive factors anymore. The engagement ring should first showcase just how well you know your partner and how much thought you put into selecting it.  

Does your head hurt and you feel the room spinning from all the confusion? Don’t worry about it – we will walk you through the decision step by step!

Think About Her Style

How is the love of your life? Is she a fashionista, always up with the latest trends and looking for new and amazing ways to attract everyone’s attention through style and elegance? In this case, you can choose the safe route and get her a beautiful diamond ring – it’s a stone that goes with any outfit. 

Still, if you know her to be bold and adventurous, you may want to consider a ruby ring. Their blood-red color is gorgeous and very daring, while the price is in the same range as a diamond ring. For instance, you can get a beautiful ruby engagement ring starting from $1500, which is not too much for such a wonderful occasion.  

On the other hand, if your future bride is a bit of a nerd or is more into sports than high heels, the classic ring with gemstone may not work. The way she dresses and carries herself in her everyday life will tell you a lot about her style. 

Decide the Upper Limit of Your Budget

Most young ladies today prefer moissanite engagement rings don’t want an expensive rock on their finger to answer the question with “yes!”. In fact, millennials are more attracted to unique pieces (hand-made designs) that stand out and highlight their personality. 

As such, if you have a family heirloom (passed on for generations), it can make for a perfect engagement ring as well. Just take it to a jeweler for cleaning and resizing, and you’re done. If you’re not that lucky, try to figure out how much you can afford to spend. 

It is not a good idea to dip into your savings for an extravagant ring that she won’t appreciate. In fact, you may even get in trouble if you’re already working on a joint budget. 

Use Social Media for Research

Yes, social media can be useful at times like these! Start browsing her posts and her best friends’ posts (especially if one of them has recently got engaged). You can learn a lot from watching her reaction to her friends’ engagement rings or checking out her listed interests. 

Quick tip: It’s best to browse her accounts on visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest (or YouTube if that’s the case). 

Wrap Up

In conclusion, modern engagement rings don’t have to be a burden for the guy. If you are with the right woman, she will be more than happy to accept a gorgeous ring that didn’t put you in debt and fits her style. So, follow your instinct and start your forever after as soon as possible!

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