What Is Required For Business Immigration To Canada

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There is a lot of immigration by businesses to Canada right now and several factors are involved. The immigration by businesses to Canada continues as the costs of living overall are more affordable. The costs, however, of immigration are now somewhat more variable since the Canadian Entrepreneurship Program which helped fund businesses in Canada was stopped in 2012. Size of business matters as well as the amount of equipment that must be transported when factoring in how much money is required for immigration.

In addition, some companies do offer moving expenses for any employees that are to be relocated. Visa expenses therefore must be factored into the equation. The Canadian Visa application can now be electronically from the Canadian Visa site, and costs can vary depending upon the country. The generalized fee, however, since most relocations of business occur from the USA to Canada is $100.

Some other costs to consider in relocation to Canada

Only generalized costs can be given as Canada like any other country has some more expensive locations and some less expensive locations. The costs can be as low as $1675 and up to $7000 usually. And that depends a great deal also on how many individuals are relocating and for how long. Seeking Canadian citizenship can drive up the costs as this is more intense and requires that an individual stay in Canada for at least 6 years. How much money is required for business immigration to Canada should be researched via starting location and resettlement location. Moving costs stated above are only a portion of the monies required.

Canada also has an LMIA (Labour Management Immigration Assessment) program in place and does only allow a certain amount of immigration for certain jobs and at certain times. The welfare of the citizens of Canada comes first and to overcome the LMIA a good immigration attorney might be needed. A reduction in costs might occur if an employee or business owner has Canadian Birthright Citizenship.

What factors drive businesses to relocate to Canada?

Canada has less of a contentious political climate. Although diversity exists and some differences between political parties exist, there is less media coverage of political opinions. In the USA and some other countries, the media coverage of political differences creates a negative atmosphere. Businesses can seek to escape this type of political atmosphere.

Canada and the USA where many relocations originate share many of the same setups of government, with territorial and provincial rule in Canada, and municipal and state rule in the USA. But the systems are easy for relocated Americans to acclimate to as the similarities are very distinct.

Canadians enjoy universal healthcare, and there is less crime

On the whole, Canada has less crime each year than in the USA. Other relocations from other countries by businesses are also due to the lower crime rates. Crime rates in Canada have declined by 30 percent since 2000, while the USA and other countries have seen continually rising crime rates. Businesses suffer losses during burglaries and other property crimes so the initial investment of the move to Canada can pay off in the long run. Universal healthcare saves businesses money as no outlay for healthcare is needed for their employees unless they choose to provide it. All these factors do offset how much money is needed in a business relocation to Canada. Saving money is always a primary concern for businesses and the money required for relocation is less when savings are more.

The amount of money required should be saved ahead of time

It is also a step-by-step process that does require that businesses many times must store their goods in a safe and secure facility and move a little at a time. Any international move is a huge move and more work heavy. Planning strategically for each stage and setting monies aside for any interruptions need to be factored into a moving plan. Lost or damaged goods will increase the money required to immigrate to Canada.

Some companies exist that will safely plan this type of move for businesses and although this does add to the cost, it can also ensure future savings and be less stressful as all plans are carefully crafted for each step of the move to Canada by businesses. It is difficult enough to move internationally for personal reasons but even more challenging when relocating a business internationally. If a business prefers to plan the move themselves, there are free guides online that provide much-needed insight in how to accomplish this cost-effectively and how to plan the move strategically in steps.

A move to Canada by a business is usually permanent

It would make little financial sense to spend only a minimal amount and then not seek permanent residency. Although Canada no longer funds entrepreneurs from out of the country, Canada does encourage investment in the economic welfare of Canada and a Permanent Residency application can take less time than a work permit or temporary Visa. The costs are not small, with CAN 290,000 being needed for this type of permanent residency.

This is why it is important to save for a move to Canada as the monies required to stay permanently can be quite high. In addition to the monies needed for the move itself, the storage, the Visas for employees, and possibly a permanent residency, plus the cost of a residential home, any business considering this should have at least 400,000 CAD saved before attempting this move.

A short conclusion on how much money is required for business immigration to Canada

While this is in no way something every business wants or can afford to do, most businesses that immigrate to Canada find it a prosperous, yet very friendly environment in which to run a business.

Canadians are friendly and easy-going and although cold climates are present, the prosperity makes the costs of relocating to Canada well worth it for many businesses. Once relocated, the average business that attempts immigration indeed tend to stay in Canada. The business-friendly environment is indeed, compelling with many international businesses making Canada their new home each year.

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