What Flag Can Fly On The Same Pole As The American Flag?

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Many people proudly display the American flag. But what about the other flags that you want to fly on the same pole as the American flag? You can display other flags with the American flag as long as you follow the rules specified by the Flag Code. These rules have been set to ensure that the American flag is in a position of superior prominence over other flags.

Codes For Handling And Displaying The American Flag

The flag should never be carried or displayed horizontally. The American flag should always be upwards and free. It should also not have any other markings, pictures, or words written on it. When displaying the flag, the union section (blue) should always be on top. The flag should never touch anything below it, like the ground or the floor; that is why you may need a flagpole.

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According to the Flag Code, the American flag should never be displayed upside down except when you signal that there is danger. Flying a U.S. flag upside down is “a signal of distress. It can also be considered as an act of desecration.

The U.S. flag should not be used for advertisements or wrapping and carrying goods and parcels. 

Need To Fly Two Flags On The Same Pole? 

Instead of using two different flagpoles for different flags, like the American Flag and the state flag, you can use a telescopic flagpole. A telescopic flagpole comes with two harnesses and an extra swivel, allowing you to hang two flags on the same pole.

What Is A Telescopic Flagpole

Telescopic flagpoles are made of different sections that allow you to adjust the height. It just operates like a telescope. You can pull the stacked sections to increase the height or fold the sections into each other to make the pole shorter.

Telescopic flag poles do not need ropes to raise the flag, so you don’t need to know how to operate the pulley system used in the single flag poles.

Displaying The American Flag With Other Flags

Can you display the American flag with other flags on the same pole? Of course, you can; you just have to follow the U.S. Flag Code. In America, the U.S. flag should be displayed higher than the other flags. This is because it represents the United States government, which is the highest authority in the country.

When flying the U.S. flag with other flags on the same pole, the other flags, such as the state flag, should be beneath the American flag. The other flags should never be larger than the U.S. flag.

It can be smaller or the same size, but you should make sure to leave a space of at least 1 foot between the two flags.

You can display U.S. flags in the following order; the U.S. flag should be at the very top, followed by the State flag, and you can also add a military flag. When you’re flying the American flag with other flags, the American flag should be lowered last and hoisted first. A naval chaplain can display a church pennant above the American flag when a church service is performed. The United Nations’ headquarters can fly the flags of all one hundred and eighty-eight-member nations in alphabetical order. Although it is located technically within the United States, the headquarters is owned by the United Nations members.

You should also note that you cannot fly a company or a corporate flag on the same pole as the U.S. flag. This is because the company flag is viewed as a form of branding or advertising.

Flying The U.S. Flag At Night?

The U.S. Flag Code states that the flag can be displayed all day and night if properly illuminated during the darkness. If you want to fly the flag all night, you should get a good light source so that the flag is recognizable even in darkness.

The good thing about having a telescopic flagpole is that you can add other accessories to the pole. You can add a flagpole light to keep the flag illuminated at night.

Choose A Flagpole That Is Convenient For You

Although you can decide to have a traditional flagpole at your home, you should consider some of the following factors:

The traditional single flagpole is made of heavy metal, making it difficult for you to carry and move it. Telescoping flagpoles are made of aluminum, and this makes them lighter and easier to move.

Installing the traditional flagpole can be time-consuming, and you may need professional assistance. The telescopic flagpole can be installed easily and in less time.

The traditional flagpole uses ropes and a pulley system to raise and lower the flag. On a windy day, the flag and the rope may get entangled.

When using a telescopic flagpole, you don’t have to worry about the flag getting entangled when it is windy. You also don’t have to learn how to operate the pulley system. You can adjust the flag or the pole with a simple interlocking mechanism.

A telescopic flagpole allows you to hang two flags. You can hang the American flag and the state flag on the same pole. With this type of flagpole, you can even add a third flag by just buying another swivel ring to hang the extra flag.

As the telescopic flagpole is easy to move, you can take it down and put it in storage if you are going away for a while. The flagpole does not take much space as it can be folded to about one-third of its original height.

You can also decide to take the flagpole with you. A telescopic flagpole is adjustable, so it can easily fit in your car. Telescopic flagpoles are, therefore, more convenient for you than the traditional single flagpole. 

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