What Are the Top Off-Road Driving Destinations in the US?

What Are the Top Off-Road Driving Destinations in the US? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #off-roadingpark #off-roadingdrivingdestinations #must-visitdestinations
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Off-roading is like a religion for many driving enthusiasts and there are some legendary destinations dotted around the US that are often considered to be must-do points on the map that just have to be visited.

Your love affair with off-road driving starts with finding a suitable vehicle that will be your trusty companion as you explore wild and challenging locations. You only have to search Ram dealer Waxahachie, for instance, to see that there is a good choice of models that have been specifically designed to deliver a brilliant off-roading experience.

Once you are behind the wheel of your chosen vehicle, what destinations should you be putting into your Sat Nav?

Are you ready for the Rubicon?

One of the most legendary driving destinations for off-road aficionados is the Rubicon Trail in South Lake Tahoe, California.

This trail is just over 20 miles of very uncompromising and rocky terrain. You and your vehicle will be put through its paces with plenty of rough and tumble as you navigate your way along the trail.

Expect to be challenged by some tricky rock crawling along the way.

Head to Utah for the ultimate challenge

Not a destination to choose for your first off-roading experience, Moab in Utah is widely considered to be a challenge that is only fit for experienced drivers.

You can’t fail to be overawed by the incredible rock formations and unique landscape of the area. But you will have to focus all of your attention on navigating a successful passage through this iconic terrain.

You might join a guided tour when attempting Moab. They will offer you a choice of trails that will match your skills and vehicle to the challenges that await you.

Try not to get bogged down in Hollister Hills

The accent is always on having fun when looking for off-roading adventures and Hollister Hills would be a great trail to experience on that score.

It has an impressive 24 miles of trails to offer. One of the notable features of attempting to tackle Hollister Hills is the mud bog they have created as part of the challenge.

Some of these routes are impassable when it’s too wet, so check the conditions are right for you before putting Hollister in your sat nav.

Redneck Park offers hours of action-packed entertainment

Punta Gorda in Florida is next on the list of must-visit destinations. This is where you will find Redneck Mud Park.

It spans well over 800 acres and is easily the biggest off-roading park in the state. If you like the idea of tackling mud holes and swamps Redneck is definitely the place for you.

A chance to enjoy the scenery

If you need to lower your pulse rate slightly after visiting somewhere like Redneck Park the perfect antidote is the Ocala National Forest in Florida.

Ocala prides itself on offering what it considers to be a top destination for off-roading, combined with stunning natural scenery that includes an impressive 500 lakes and ponds to enjoy. There are more than 80 miles of off-road trails to keep you busy, and you won’t forget the views either.

These varied and challenging off-roading destinations are magnetic attractions for committed enthusiasts. Isn’t it time you joined in the fun?

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