What Are the Best Earplugs for Motorcyclists?

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Most bikers wear gloves, boots, and helmets to provide protection while riding. However, something many overlook is ear production. This is something that can’t be ignored. The fact is, wind noise can damage a rider’s hearing, which is why earplugs should be a priority every time the bike is taken out on the road. Quality motorcycle earplugs are a cost-effective option, and they help to keep the ears safe and damage-free.

Benefits Offered by Investing in Motorcycle Earplugs

When it comes to motorcycle safety, the impact of earplugs cannot be overstated. In fact, they provide more than a few benefits.

First of all, the right earplugs can help to reduce wind noise. The faster someone is going, the louder the wind will get. Even if they are wearing a helmet, the wind noise can be significant. When someone is traveling at higher speeds on the highway, the ambient noise created by the wind can surpass the 100dB point. This type of sound can cause damage to a person’s ears, and it may distract a rider from what is going on around them.

Another benefit is that it can help to prevent temporary deafness. When someone is riding, the sound from the wind is ongoing and constant. In fact, it may lead to something called temporary threshold shift or TTS, which can create temporary hearing loss. This type of partial deafness will block out all frequencies, which is something that can be dangerous when a person is riding.

The right earplugs, in some situations, will help a person hear better. That is because there are some frequencies that are going to be more dampened than the others. Quality earplugs are going to help to enhance sounds that someone wants to hear while softening those that may be harmful.

The last benefit is that earplugs can help to reduce fatigue. There are some riders who will experience noise fatigue when they are on their bike for long periods of time. This can make the person very tired and may even be painful. It is possible to avoid this situation by wearing the right earplugs while riding.

Different Types of Motorcycle Earplugs

The most common style of plugs is those that are made of foam and disposable. They are comfortable and inexpensive to wear. While foam plugs are more affordable, they are also low quality. Since these are being put into the ear canal, it is important to get a material that will not cause harm. Also, if these are not inserted properly, they will not be as effective, and they may not dampen the sounds effectively.

Another option is reusable earplugs. These can be worn more than one time, but they do require some maintenance to continue working effectively. It is necessary to clean them regularly. If these earplugs are properly cared for, they will last for a year or more. These are more expensive than disposable earplugs, but they are worth the investment if they are used often.

Corded earplugs, as the name implies, have a cord attached. A benefit of this style is that they are much harder to lose compared to more traditional styles of earplugs, which are very small and easier to misplace. Corded earplugs are easy to remove from the ears and it is possible to put the cord around the neck when they are not being used.

For those who want the highest quality and most protective earplugs to wear while riding, custom ear guards are a smart investment. While these do require a bit of an investment, they are more than worth it if they are worn often and if the person wants to achieve superior protection for their ears. Modern, molded earplugs are designed to ensure the rider can hear people talking but reduce louder sounds.

While there are several styles to choose from, when shopping for these earplugs, there are a few characteristics to consider. These are highlighted below.

The Fit

While some earplugs are one-size-fits-most, a person’s ear canal may be too wide or narrow to accommodate some brands. Achieving the right fit is essential. If the earplugs are not big enough, they may get stuck in the ear canal. If they are too big, the ear guards will not stay in place. If a person struggles to find the right fit, it is a good idea to consider custom-molded earplugs for motorcycle riding.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

Sometimes, the acronyms SNR or NRR will be on the earplug packaging. NRR means Noise Reduction Rating and is considered the American ISO standard to help with noise reduction. SNR means Single Number Rating and is something that is used worldwide. The ratings are classified based on the ability they have to reduce total noise in decibels or dB. The higher the rating is, the more noise suppression that is offered.

The Comfort of the Earplugs

Each person’s ears are unique. As a result, it is important to find earplugs that are comfortable to wear while riding. If someone is wearing a helmet, they need to make sure the earplugs are not being crushed by the helmet sides. This is why it may be a good idea to choose a pair with shorter stems, that don’t stick out, or that have a lower profile.

Additional Considerations

It is also a good idea to look at the material that the earplugs are made of. One of the most popular is foam. This will be squeezed so that it fits into the ear. Then the foam will expand and fit perfectly in the ear canal. There are other options that are made out of soft silicone, which is much more delicate. Another option is ceramic earplugs, which are designed with filters that offer more precise sound attenuation than plastic filters.

When it comes to choosing motorcycle earplugs, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to get the quality earplugs that are needed for a price that works for a person’s budget.

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