What Are Anagrams and 7 Best Ones to Try This Weekend?

What Are Anagrams and 7 Best Ones to Try This Weekend? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #similarwordgames #anagram #scrabble #bananagrams #funnyanagrams
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Anagrams are just entertaining cousins of those jumbled words we used to solve in English or other native languages. Players decode, decipher, or descramble the scrambled word to find out the original word. 

You can play anagrams with people of all ages because we all love playing them now and then. You can create mini anagram games for your after-party events or holidays to spend quality time with your loved ones.

I’ll tell you about some common but funny anagrams you can try this weekend to make it a fun one. 

1) Movies

Was there any doubt about the topper of this list? Some can argue that the sports category can be on the top too, and I agree with them, but sports is somehow not as entertaining as the movies category in anagrams.

Sometimes these movies can give you funny and witty scrambled words, while at other times, you can get stunned by the difficulty level. The situation becomes worse for those who do not watch movies. 

However, you can allow them to use an online tool to make the game fair. You can search the internet for these tools to solve the puzzle in a few seconds. Those players can effortlessly enter the scrambled letters, and the online tools will give them all the possible answers.

However, I recommend using easy and funny anagrams for movies so all can enjoy a fun game. Here are some funny and clever examples.

1) In Attic

Adding space in this anagram changes the game. It could have been easier to solve without space. Here’s a hint if you still can not figure it out. There was enough space for jack. For those, who still can not figure it out, it is Titanic. 

2) Chopys

Chopys was difficult for me because I had not watched the movie. After solving this anagram, I watched the movie and loved it. This anagram was for the movie Psycho. 

3) That Deep Red

This one is one of my favorite movies till this time. For those who can not figure it out, here is a hint, revenge is a dish best served cold. Yes, I am talking about The Godfather.

4) His Drill Scents

This one is for the sony or Marvel fans now. Here is a hint, they all have the tingling thing. This anagram is for Spider-Man.

You can click here to see more funny movie anagrams.

2) Sports Teams

Sports unite us all, and so do the sports categories in anagrams. I prefer selecting only one sports type to make the game easier. However, you can also pick only the most popular teams from popular sports. Here are some common examples.

1) Admiral Red

It is one of the massive clubs of football or soccer. For those who do not watch football often, this club has the famous white jersey and has/had one of the greatest footballers with the legendary jersey number 7. I am talking about Real Madrid.

2) Enchained Mutters

They are not one of the most successful clubs today but have achieved a lot in history. Fans call them the Red Devils, and their stadium is called the Theatre of Dreams. For those who can not figure this out, I am talking about Machester United.

3) Stocky Tie

It is one of the most ancient clubs in England, and its stadium is the famous Bet365 Stadium. This anagram is for Stoke City.

Wrapping Up

You can play anagrams and more similar word games like Wordle, Scrabble, Bananagrams, and more. 

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