Weddings Are Back, Choose The Right Outfit

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It’s no secret that there are a million and one ways to get dressed for a wedding. If you’re a bride-to-be, you’ve probably seen the myriad of articles and guides to bridal attire, but have you ever really considered how you’re going to choose your wedding outfit? When you’re thinking about picking your wedding outfit, it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement and forget that you’re going to be tying the knot in a few short months. However, excitement also extends to the guests and what they will wear. If you are going to a family member or friend’s weddings you must ensure that you dress up just enough to look amazing, but not so much that you overshadow the bride…a challenge this post should help you overcome.

What To Consider

When it comes to looking suitable for a wedding, your personal style will vary depending on several factors. For some, it may be comfort and simplicity that are most important, while others may choose to go all out and dress up in extravagant and expensive attire. No matter your style, you can always find something that will suit your taste and personal preferences. Choosing the right dress to wear at a wedding is an important decision and will significantly impact the day. A theme running throughout this article is not to upstage the bride, which is an important principle to understand.

Brides Mothers Outfit

As a general rule, finding the perfect dress as the bride’s mother is much easier said than done. You may have a great sense of style and know exactly what you want, but the problem is you may not know where to start when you want to save some money and still make sure you get the perfect dress. Mother of the Bride Dresses by JOVANI come in a range of strapless and colorful varieties, which is all the rage these days. You will want to stand out enough that people will know you are a special person at this event and also wear a gown that represents your personality. Nevertheless, as with all other guests, you mustn’t overshadow your daughter and allow her to have her moment in the sun.

White Should Never Be Worn

Let’s be completely clear here, the only person that should ever weather whit to a wedding is the bride and possibly the bridesmaids if that is the theme. Everyone else should avoid it like the plague. You don’t want to be mistaken for the bride as this could cause some severe upset, and something as simple as mistakenly wearing white could potentially ruin the entire wedding.

You Don’t Want To Upstage The Bride

In addition to not weathering white, you also want to avoid anything that could be seen as intentionally upstaging the bride-to-be. This can extend to accessories, for example, by wearing overly flashy jewelry or to your actual dress or gown. Anything that is too ostentatious or has the purpose of catching the eye is a big no-no. This can mean staying away from bright, colorful patterns or even a hat that is over the top. Now you know what not to wear, what can you actually put on to keep everyone happy? The best thing to do is to see the theme of the wedding and try to blend in with it as much as possible.

Make Sure You Accessorize

Even though that last paragraph warned you against going overboard with accessories, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid them altogether. The main thing is that it doesn’t look out of place. By matching jewelry articles together with your outfit, you will create a setup that shouts elegance and style. You will have to do some research about which items work well together, but you should put it all together for the perfect outfit once you have a winning set.

Keep It Modest By Not Wearing Anything Too Skimpy

While most people know this, some people are unaware of why skimpy clothing is not appropriate wedding attire. One reason is that you will come off as cheap and desperate, both characteristics that you should avoid. Furthermore, you will upstage the bride, which, as the cardinal rule of this post, is the last thing you should do. Skimpy clothing means anything that shows more skin than it should and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.

Make Sure You Don’t Dress Too Casually

If a short dress is out of the question, dressing in clothing that makes you look like you are going to McDonald’s for lunch is also out of the question. In a way, dressing inappropriately is more acceptable than too casually because at least they have made an effort. If you dress in casual clothes, it gives the impression that you don’t care and are uninterested in your friends’ big day.

Wear Color In The Summer

The summer is a time for brightness and joy, so what better way to celebrate the fantastic weather and your friends’ wedding than by using color to your advantage. While overly bright or neon clothing is out of the question, a color scheme that matches the overall vibe of the event will work wonders. Think of pastels and pink, and you can’t go wrong.

Flats Shoes Are A Must

You won’t be wearing them for the actual wedding, but unless you hate your feet, you should bring a pair of flat shoes along with you once the main event is over. You will be walking and standing around a lot, so a comfortable pair of shoes will be a lifesaver. It would help if you still heeded the advice of staying away from casual, but a pair of classy white, unassuming sneakers could do the trick.

Don’t Wear Black

Black is for funerals, and this is a wedding. There isn’t much more to say than that.

Choosing an outfit for a wedding can be a tricky task due to the delicate balancing act of looking fabulous and not wanting to upstage the bride. By following some simple steps, you should be able to navigate it and come out looking fantastic.

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