Wedding Rings 101

Wedding Rings 101
Wedding Rings 101

If you’re new to the whole wedding/engagement ring scene, then this post is designed to help you. Wedding rings 101 is the proper etiquette information that will tell you everything you need to know so you can feel confident when wearing your precious engagement rings which become your sacred wedding rings. Enjoy!

Do You Have to Have an Engagement Ring?

Almost everybody gets engaged and is presented with a ring, but there’s nothing saying you must have one. If you don’t want an engagement ring, you aren’t obliged. Your other half may spontaneously propose, in which case they won’t have a ring to give you. A ring is supposed to be a symbol of the promise to marry though, so it’s nice to have one. People see an engagement ring and know exactly what it means! Some men prefer to give their lady an eternity ring or piece of jewelry as a symbol of their love. No two couples are the same.

Who Chooses the Engagement Ring?

This is completely down to the couple involved. You could choose it together, or your man might have had this planned for months and gone about choosing the ring alone. There’s always the sensitive issue of you not being happy with your ring, but most women are overwhelmed with the beautiful ring their man presents to them. However, if you choose to pick out the ring together, this could be a special moment to start your journey as an engaged couple and make sure you both love the ring that represents your relationship. This way you may even choose wedding rings that match and coordinate with the engagement ring, making it a truly special wedding set.

How Should You Wear the Engagement Ring?

This is something that has been a hot topic of debate for years. The Egyptians came up with the rule that the engagement ring should be worn on the left hand on the third finger, as they believed this finger had a direct vain to the heart. With the engagement ring worn here, the man was symbolically always close to the woman’s heart. This is usually where Tacori engagement rings from Whiteflash are worn before the wedding day. It’s your call though, so do what you feel most comfortable with!

What About the Wedding Rings?

The wedding ring is a symbol of the commitment a couple are making, so this is an essential part of a wedding day. On the wedding day, lots of women like to move their engagement ring to the third finger on their right hand, ready for the wedding ring to be placed on the opposite finger. Once that ring has been placed there, the engagement ring can be moved back. That being said, there are no rules! Some people like to wear the engagement ring closest to the heart as it looks better, some couples get their rings welded together. Traditionally, the woman will wear the wedding ring first and then her engagement ring, but it’s totally your call. Whatever you and your partner are both happy with!

What about Taking the Wedding Rings Off?

Once married, many women wouldn’t dream of taking their special wedding rings off. These days, it isn’t always sustainable to keep them on 24/7. Many of us have jobs that can damage the rings. If a woman is an avid gym goer, exercise and sweat might damage the rings. Even doing the washing up while wearing your wedding rings can damage them. Don’t be afraid to take yours off as long as you have a very safe place to keep them.

You got all that? See you later!


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