Weave Buddy: The Perfect Hair Accessory

Weave Buddy: The Perfect Hair Accessory
Weave Buddy: The Perfect Hair Accessory

Finally ladies! No more dealing with thinning hair or damage caused by over use of hair extensions and weaves. A superwoman has invented a must-have hair accessory that has the power to change your life. We all know that looking great has a direct impact on how we feel. Introducing Weave Buddy is the perfect hair accessory to build your confidence and enhance your beauty. No matter how bad the current damage. You really can have beautiful hair, no matter what!

Kat Hiskey, CEO of The Weave Buddy has created and patented a grafting technology that is like no other. It is a protective shield designed for women’s hairlines and edges, when wearing hair weaves. It is comfortable, non-detectable and customizable, allowing for a perfect fit each time.

Weave Buddy: The Perfect Hair Accessory

It eliminates pulling forces that destroy women’s hairlines and edges. The Weave Buddy fills in thinning and balding areas as well as stops pain and headaches from tight sewing. Unlike nets, The Weave Buddy is strong and doesn’t pull back easily. For this reason, the hair weaves stay in place doing away with traction from pulling forces. Now you can wear your hair weaves and experience the full benefits while eliminating the pain and damage.

For more information visit us online at http://www.TheWeaveBuddy.com or call 858.752.4900 Use Promo Code:BeverlyHillsMag at Checkout for a 20% discount on your first order.


Mika, a client shares her experience with The Weave Buddy. https://youtu.be/KGTfQwXH2iY

Medical doctor speaks regarding the benefits of The Weave Buddy. https://youtu.be/jHgc-B2pHVY

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